Sarah, known by her instagram name @moonstrucktraveller, is an Australian beauty whose instagram gives us major travel envy. She's repped ISHINE365 all over the world from swimming with whales to laying on the beaches in Hawaii. We were so happy to have her walk our swim week show for ISHINE365 & twopiecemafia this year. She killed it on the runway and we knew we had to shoot with her. 


We shot this babe around South Beach with photog @richardguaty... Learn all about Sarah below.

To start, where are you from?
I grew up in Australia but am actually Half Romanian/Half Aussie!
Do you have any tips for less experienced travelers?
Try and maintain a routine as much as possible – whether that be with your workouts, etc because I find the hardest part about traveling is not having a routine!
What is one thing you absolutely cannot travel without? 
My Beats wireless headphones – My brother bought them for me and when I am traveling Solo ( which is a lot of the time) I never take them off ( they also help with anxiety if a plane is experiencing a bit of turbulence!). I always make sure that I have some RX Bars handy – they are my go to healthy snack.
What are your top 3 favorite beaches to visit?
Lanakai beach, Iguana Cay Beach and Hanalei Bay.
How do you keep in shape while traveling?
I am a massive foodie so this can sometimes be a challenge as I am always wanting to enjoy local foods and eat at amazing restaurants! I make sure that I work out every day and I try to keep things interesting by trying different fitness classes all over the world – most recently I tried out - KO Box in London, Heartcore pilates in London, Barry's Bootcamp in Miami. If there are days where I can't schedule in a class I always make sure I go for a run or do some form of cardio and I also travel with resistance bands so that I can get a workout in no matter what! It's always fun to go for a run or a walk when I arrive in a new place to get my bearings.
What are your favorite swim styles currently?
 I am loving all the different lace up and cut out one pieces currently and also can never go past a classic triangle bikini.
We're so excited you're one of the first to shoot in our new line Two Piece Mafia. What did you think? What was your favorite thing about the line? 
I LOVED the new Two Piece Mafia line and was super impressed with how soft the swim material is, the fit and also the styles – it's basically everything a girl could ask for in her swim wardrobe!! – I cant wait to get my hands on them when they drop!
 This was your first year walking during Miami Swim Week. Tell us about the experience!
It was such an amazing experience and was so grateful to have had the opportunity to walk this year - In all honestly, I was super nervous coming to walk and actually worried about not being ‘skinny’ enough to walk next to the other models that were also booked but am happy with how everything went –  I definitely learnt a lot and am hoping to come back next year!
You were featured in Maxim and Sports Illustrated articles, that’s so exciting! How did it affect your career?
It was really exciting and the exposure through these outlets has been invaluable -  but more notably for me was my Womens health UK cover that came out in July – that was super exciting for me and was so honoured to be on the cover of such a wholesome publication!
On top of traveling, modeling and managing your account, you’re also studying law at Harvard. How do you stay on top of it all?
My passion for law has grown over time and I am grateful for the skills and knowledge such a diverse course has given me. It has been a serious challenge juggling my travels, social account, law school and also working as a nanny for two children that I adore when I am back home in Sydney ( I have looked after them for 5 years!)
Last year (2016) I had a feeling that this year (2017) would be a big one in terms of travel and so I managed to Cram in 18 subjects by doing winter and summer semesters as well as normal semester time and I am so glad I did! I am also very lucky to have such a supportive network of family and friends to be there for me in times of need!
Do you have a celeb girl crush or someone who inspires you?
Probably Adriana Lima – she is so naturally beautiful and incredibly fit!