Lacey was born and raised in a small quaint town on the eastern most tip of Long Island; Montauk. Living within a 5 minute walk from the ocean stemmed her irresistible love for the water (Surfing, free-diving and swimming are among some of her favorite water sports.) The cold winters in Montauk ultimately forced her away to a more tropical paradise; Hawaii. Currently, she resides on the small island of Oahu teaching Yoga, Pilates and health coaching. She plans to take her practice global in 2016 as she travels and host retreats worldwide. She spends her time running a blog intended to educate others on food and lifestyle choices and how they affect our health, other beings and our planet.

Q & A

Favorite brand? Acacia or Frankies

Hobbies? Yoga, Pilates, Hiking, Free-diving, surfing

How long have you been an ambassador?  Almost two years!

Give us a fun fact about you –  I am in the works of opening my own Yoga/Pilates studio in Montauk, NY for the summer season of 2016!

Where ya from?  Originally from Montauk, NY, but moved to Oahu, Hawaii 2 years ago!