It's a long weekend ahead and we could not be more thrilled. Labor Day Weekend’s kind of like that last glimpse of summer before the time changes - back to sad, gloomy days when the sun sets too early and there is brutal weather on the horizon. Unless you’re in Miami like us, in which case keep stocking up on those year round bikinis.

Anyways, let’s nix that negativity and focus on the real reason why we're here because whether you’re staycation-ing or zooming out to paradise - you’re gonna need to get packing.

We’re rounding up some must-have necessities for your Labor Day getaway:

1. A White Bikini 

Typically you'd hear you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, but who really abides by this anymore? Not us. This best selling Chris set by Two Piece Mafia is the perfect white bikini - ribbed, with sturdy material that is never see-through when wet. 

2. Cut-Off Denim Shorts

May we suggest our go-to's when it comes to perfectly fitting cut-off denim? One Teaspoon's will literally never go out of style, you could never have enough of them. 

3. All-Natural + Organic Tanning Oils

If you're going to lay out and get some color - do it with some all natural and organic lotions that will nourish your skin. We love these D'luchi bronzing oils because they are infused with carrots and coconut which are packed with nutrients like beta-carotene and vitamin A to boost your body's natural tanning process.

4. Multi-purpose Beach Blanket

These Gilded Arrow towels are seriously our latest obsession - can't go anywhere without them. They're perfect as beach towels, for picnics, as a blanket or use them as a sarong as seen on @jordanunderwood. You can even get creative and cover up with them like our day-one girl @brookehanna, co-owner and designer of this amazing brand.

5. Trendy Slim Eye Sunglasses


Top it all off with some light-weight and trendy sunnies, because what better way to people watch than behind some heart eyes? 

Did mention this is all 20-50% OFF through the weekend for our Labor Day Weekend Sale? Hurry →