Learn how to make the most beautiful ooey gooey colorful and girly desserts

 >> Funfetti Pie <<




Oh my god – funfetti PIE! It’s absolutely beautiful

>> Unicorn Bark <<


I’ve watched this video 56 times. It’s mesmerizing and I want unicorn bark..right now!




>> Cake Batter Popsicles <<

Cake batter anything is so good – put it on a stick and it’s 10 times better.



>> Tie Dye Waffles <<

 Regular waffles – but prettier. I’ll take 10.



>> Confetti Oreos <<

Probably the only thing on this list I can actually make – so easy and adorable. MmMm!



>> Tie Dye S’Mores <<

I’ve truly never seen anything so gorgeous.



>> Trix Krispies <<

Rice Krispies but TRIX Krispies – AH!



>>Marbled Pop-Tarts<<

This is true art



>> Rainbow Bagel <<

Learn how to make the viral rainbow bagel from Spoon University!