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Ocean Energy For April

The ocean is a place for healing, cleansing and ritual. The salt water can heal physical wounds while it shifts your vibe as well. Ocean came before land. People first traveled and discovered on these waters and they connect us. It holds powerful energy. If you’re feeling like you need a shift, a renewal of energy, then take a jump into this space and cleanse. Embrace the feeling. The ocean is the perfect place to wash away with the old and begin anew.

 Water Babies: Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpio. These signs feel drawn towards the ocean and often incorporate going there in their lifestyle. Us water babies are gifted with a powerful sense of intuition ♋️♊️♏️.


Bikini Zodiac For April


Traits: Wild, Romantic & Artistic.


Filled with intense passion and adorable charm, a Pisces girl is really in tune with herself and her emotions. A colorful printed bikini is made for those wild + artsy Pisces babes.

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Traits: Humorous, Patient, & Sophisticated.


Capricorns have a strong passion for fashion but love a very chic, timeless and practical look. Black is definitely their go-to color.

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Traits: Adventurous, Charismatic, & Bold.

Emoji: ⭐️

Flirty + Fun, Sags are the always the life of the party, and party girls need a strong color to represent their personality.

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Traits: Free-spirited, intellectual, & Friendly.

Emoji: ☀️

Earthly and free-spirited, Aquarius gals are the first ones to buy their music festival tickets. Filled with fun and adventure, make sure your bikini makes a bold statement.

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Traits: Charismatic, Mysterious, & Powerful.


Scorpios are known for their sensual, mysterious + passionate personalities – red looks best on a saucy Scorp.

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Traits: Smart, Affectionate, & Easy-Going.


Classy, stylish + oh-so-smart, a Libra babe is always on top of the latest trends and knows what looks great on their bods.

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Traits: Witty, Loyal, & Hard-Working.


Sweet as a peach – Virgo girls are the ideal best friends: kind, honest, and loyal.

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Traits: Outgoing, Passionate, & Seductive.


Leo gals are super sexual and fiery. Bold prints and minimal coverage are perfect for their strong personalities.

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Traits: Creative, Romantic & Emotional.


The loving and caring Cancer gals are shy but the kind of girl that you can tell your deepest secrets to. They are drawn to bright and beautiful colors – especially the two new Rose Quartz and Serenity.

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Traits: Practical, Ambitious, & Sensual.


A Taurus babe is emotionally strong, super independent + dependable. Their bold personalities deserve bold bikinis and prints.

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Traits: Sociable, Expressive, & Independent.


Gemini babes are courageous and adventurous + *love* to make a statement. What better way than with a blue velvet bikini?

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Traits: Spontaneous, Courageous, & Energetic.

Emoji: ️

An Aries chick is a natural leader – always energetic, bubbly and full of life. Try a funky + girly print to show off your fun personality.

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