The ISHINE365 crew is a multicultural family, tons of culture mushed together to make the greatest team in history! Learn all about the girls & their heritage below!


Both Christina and Katrina, our fab Co-Owners, are fiery Cuban princesses

What’s one thing you never leave home without?
Cell Phone 
What’s your fav animal?
Chickens, Dogs, Cats, Snails, Horses. Basically all of them except for roaches lol


What’s your favorite 90’s jam?

 Hmmm 90’s has some goodies, if I had to choose one of each of my favorite genres, it’s Spin Doctors- Two Princes and Shorty Swing My Way – KP & Envy

*Graphic Designer/Photo Editor*

Natalia Our adorable Photoshop & design master, Natalia, hails from the beautiful country of Colombia ⭐️

Who’s your celebrity crush (#MCM)?
Has to be Tom Hardy. Because he looks great in a man bun, he’s just so manly in general, he’s delicious, a great actor and he loves pups! Did I mention the manliness? But then again there’s my all time love, Leonardo Di Caprio.. can I have both? 
Fav swimwear brand?
My favorite swimwear brand is Posh Pua because the tops fit great, the prints and colors are always beautiful and the Niu bottoms fit really well #myhipsdontlie #colombianproblemas

*Marketing Manager*

Rocky Our Marketing gal is a Moroccan gypsy woman

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Don’t tell anyone, but I watch the Disney Channel every night before I go to sleep and I’m almost 30 years old. Good Luck Charlie soothes my soul.
Favorite candy?
If gushers don’t count as candy, I’m going with mini gummy bears- must be the tiny ones!

*Office Manager*

Yazmine The beautiful office mama, Yaz, is Argentinian and Cuban

What song are you currently addicted to?
I’d say Blasé by Ty Dolla $ign ft Future for the week
 What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Hearing people chew -_-

*Web Content Coordinator*

Genesis The girl who makes everything happen, Genesis, is a Venezuelan & Portuguese babe 

Top 3 fav Iphone apps?


1. Adobe Draw  (and all of the other Adobe apps)

2. VSCO, and the more recent DSCO.

3. Instagram, obviously.
What word are you guilty of using too much?
Essentially. It’s essentially the essence of my vocab…………. essentially.

*Office Assistant*

Ivanna Helping us all out and giving you all the best Snaps, Ivanna is a Spanish & Cuban mamacita

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
Geeze that’s a toughie! I’m going to have to be a corn ball and say Paris, France – the city of love  I love me some croissants & macaroons! Not to mention, the atmosphere along with the history is amazing to see and learn about.. There’s history in every corner! Ohh and the boys are also super cute so that’s a definite added bonus.

Who do you wish was your celeb bestie?

I would probably choose Taylor swift as my bestie… I mean have you seen her squad??

*Shipping Manager*

JoanneJoanne, our shipping girl, is a Venezuelan goddess

What’s your favorite dessert?
It’s a tie between a brownie and a chocolate chip cookie. Both are so simple, but if done right can be oh so yum. High quality choco is key!
Three beauty products you can’t live without?
1. coconut oil
2. rose water witch hazel
3. Juice beauty green apple peel

*Personal Shopper/Stylist*

Samira Sam, the babe that helps you look good, is a unique mix of Cuban & Persian

If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be?
ironically, i’m the process of dyeing my hair a deep purple so you actually caught me with an interesting question at the perfect time, haha!
Pick one: Cats or Dogs and why!
As far as choosing between cats or dogs, that’s a no brainer for me- CATS. all the way. I mean, having a cat is like having a mini tiger or panther. I love all animals but there’s something about cats. I connect with them on an emotional and spiritual level… perhaps I was a cat in my past life (:

*Brand Ambassador Coordinator*

Michelle The lil cutie, Michelle, handles all of our brand reps and hails from the amazing Vietnam

What’s your favorite emoji?
I love using: It works for when I’m excited for a night out, landing new opportunities, doing my favorite hobbies, and more importantly, eating my favorite/new fewd
What is your dream vacay?
My dream vacay would be traveling to Finland, exploring the great outdoors, and staying in an igloo hotel! Or even Alaska to see the northern lights.