We know you are all Acacia obsessed like we are, so what’s better than finding out all about the two babes behind the brand we lust over? We sat down with the Acacia Swimwear designers, Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons, and got the 411 on their newest collection’s inspo, how they got into design, & much more!

Words can’t express the love we have for your latest 2016 collection! The contemporary style mixed with beautiful prints and materials- we can’t get enough. Tell us what your inspiration was for this year’s line.

Our inspiration never seems to change too much. My inspiration is pulled from our home Hawaii. The beauty and inspiration here is never ending.  I also pull a lot of inspiration from my heritage being Native American and also our home away from home Bali. Tropical prints mixed timeless classics are a must for us. I think we have definitely gone a more sporty route this year inspired by the active lifestyle we live and our talented friends we surround ourselves with

Which piece is your favorite from the new collection?

I love our EHUKAI its perfect for Hawaiian winters in the water surfing or swimming! I’m into simplicity these days so another favorite is our KANAIO top and HO’OKIPA bottom

What are some notable differences from last year’s TAUHANI collection?

This year we have expanded on our mesh which we introduced last year. Mesh is also a favorite newer addition for us. I live in our mesh pieces. I think we also went a little more sporty and have introduced our collab pieces we did with Olympia Activewear.

How did you girls get into swimwear and clothing design?

I grew up in a very creative family and always knew I loved fashion. In high school I could never find the perfect bikini (too much fabric too much sag) so i learned how to sew my own. I think that’s what started my obsession. And Lyndie was a swimsuit model back in the day as well and also had a dream of owning her own swim brand.

What is your favorite current swimwear trend?

Sporty and simple

What is your favorite beach location (besides Hawaii) to showcase your bikinis?

oh gosh. That is a hard one. We have been to so many amazing beaches around the world. Bali beaches are definitely at the top being our home away from home. Another two I think would be Blue Lagoon in Fiji and all lagoons and beaches that hug the shores of Tetiaroa where we shot last year.

What are some must-have items in your beach bag?

ACACIA pareo, ACACIA x EPICUREN Sunscreen, DAFINS, and a few bikini options from our latest collection + Hydroflask.

Do you guys have any hobbies or interests outside of designing?

Of course we do. I love surfing, swimming and dirt biking when i’m not in the office :). I am also very passionate about food. Its kind of a problem, haha. And very passionate as well about animals.

Tell us what it’s like living in a tropical paradise like Hawaii!

Hawaii is a very special place. Slower pace then the mainland but we live a very outdoorsy active lifestyle. Sunshine, waves, waterfalls, good food happy people and we live in slippers (flip flops)

What’s your favorite food?Favorite spot to eat in Maui?

I have a few but Mexican might be my #1.

A few favorite spots I like to eat – Pinatas, Nuka, Fish Market, Flatbread, Cafe Des Amis, Mamas Fish House Mana foods (best health food store in the world)

Naomi- Tell us about your adorable Frenchie, Bronx! 

Bronx is my first born :p smart sassy little monster who is half human. He is also a little celebrity on Maui Everyone knows him. I might be considered the crazy dog lady b/c he comes everywhere with me but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He lives a very happy life. His favorite activity is crab hunting and if you touch his momma he will not be happy with you. Overly protective little guy.

Lyndie- Tell us about your adorable son with the most gorgeous hair! 
Axel is such a joy! He loves to skate, surf and snowboard so we are very active family. He never wears shoes and is the happiest wildest little guy. Everyday is adventure and I’m enjoying every second of it.


Check out some of our favorite pieces from their latest 2016 collection:

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