Cassie Amato's Skin Care Routine

Cassie Amato's Skin Care Routine

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It's safe to say the latest makeup trend has been the no makeup-makeup look and glowy skin, but how can we achieve this trend? It starts with having a healthy complexion, 
the key to a flawless makeup look is flawless skin.


What do you do in terms of diet to keep your skin so glowy?

Working out always helps my skin stay clear. Sweating pushes out a lot of the left over makeup in my pores.
I eat pretty clean because of work, a lot of salads, fruits and veggies.
I think having a lot of greens and fruits in your diet is great for the skin, my skin responds really well to this.

How much water do you drink a day? Considering hydration is key to maintain nice skin.

Water is really my choice of drink all day everyday, I drink at least a liter a day. Hydration is extremely important for the skin. I don't drink sodas or too much caffeine, just tea when I work. 


What's your step by step morning and night time routine?


In the morning the first thing I do is wash my face with cold water to wake myself up. I name five things I am grateful for for that day to come. I use IS Clinical Cleaning Complex, best cleanser EVER- life saver/skin saver. After cleansing I put the IS Active Serum on, then as my last step I ALWAYS ALWAYS wear Control Corrective oil free Sunscreen.

I use Garnier Oil-Free Makeup Remover (best ever) but only on my eyes. The cleanser usually always removes my face makeup.

At night time I repeat my cleansing routine, but every other night I'll use Shani Darden's Retinol Repair after cleansing followed by Dr. Dennis Gross Oil-Free Moisturizer.

Once a week on Saturdays I add in a peel also by Dr. Dennis Gross, THOSE really keep my skin glowing.

You're jetting off to Paris after this shoot,  what are some skin care tips for a long plane ride? 

With lots of flying I will use Garnier's Mositure Bomb mask for extra hydration.
What is your everyday makeup routine?  
My makeup routine is really simple and fast. Here's the basics:
 Laura Mercier's Luminous Primer and Tinted Moisturizer
YSL concealer stick: under my eyes and over any spots
Becca's cream highlighter: on my cheek bones and tip of my nose 
Glossier boy brow
Benefit brown mascara 
I alwaaays have my eyelash curler on me and Aquaphore. Maybe my brown mascara and boy brow if I am going somewhere, I rarely need foundation because my routine really keeps my skin perfect!
What are some of your favorite makeup products?


I love everything YSL, Charlotte Tilbury and Becca.  I always go for any brow products, eye-shadows, liners, and sticks. I do red and orange tones on my eyes quite often.

I have given myself cat eye-liner for as long as I can remember! Bobbi Browns black pot liner is my fav. 

 There's a Two Faced bronzer that smells like chocolate that's a fav, but Dior bronzer is also amazzzing.


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