It’s been a wild ride guys, but at least it’s never boring – are we riteee? Let’s be honest, doing the boss babe thing hasn’t been easy and we’ve had a lot of ups and downs but we are grateful for those who stuck by us and have supported us.

This little thing called ISHINE365 started what feels like yesterday and we cannot believe it’s actually been 7 years since we were just two gals with different body types that wanted a place where they could mix and match bikinis. Since then we’ve opened two, or three stores? How many has it been now?
Remember that one we did on Abbot Kinney? That was a blast. 
Seven Swim Weeks, all the dog rescue fashion shows and fundraisers... because how could we forget this isn’t just about bikinis and the beach. Then Two Piece Mafia, our first line, our child. OH - that insane #LoveYourBody campaign during that you-know-which-festival everyone goes to – we loved that movement. 

Now we’re moving into the sustainability route, launching our new ISHINE365 The Label - did you hear about that? It launches this Swim Week along with an exclusive collaboration with @yoventura - we’re pretty excited about that. I mean, who knows what we’ll get into next, but stick around - whatever it is, fun guaranteed.
Started from the bottom, now we hea.

<3  – the girls