ISHINE365's x Two Piece Mafia's Pool Party at The Plymouth Hotel on Sunday, July 15th was one for the books. The theme was 90s throwback, so you know we had to go all-out. With 90’s jams playing by DJ Ethics, liquor flowing from Tito’s Vodka and Havana Club, and beer provided by Heineken (our beer pong table was a huge hit, might we add), the party was nothing but LIT. And let’s not forget we were there to celebrate Krave Studio’s 2nd Birthday, so of course this Swim Week event couldn’t be missed.


Our whole ISHINE365 Miami crew was rocking Two Piece Mafia suits, including unreleased pieces from the 2019 collection and some best-selling classics, like the Kati One Piece and the Yaz & Ivanna bikini sets. And the amount of compliments we received collectively is honestly such a dream. What can we say, we love that you love our swimwear!


To say our cabana was the rowdiest is a severe understatement; we came to party and that’s exactly what we did. You know what they say: work hard, play harder! Our area was decked out with your favorite 90s decor (temporary tattoos, retro sunnies, neon plastic jewelry, old school candy and more) endless amounts of drinks, along with racks upon racks of Two Piece Mafia bikinis, and some gorgeous luxury beach towels courtesy of our fave So-Cal girls at Gilded Arrow.


Love is An Ocean Swimwear also showcased their GORGEOUS new line and even put a couple of suits on some of our very own ISHINE girls. With a cute dance routine and a sassy strut around the pool, everyone was swooning over their adorable, girly designs.



For those who needed to recover from the previous nights' festivities, our friends at VitaSquad were on-sight giving out hydrating IV’s and B12 Shots. Their certified nurses always do an outstanding job at talking us through our needle-phobias, followed by a guaranteed gentle touch. This pick-me-up was seriously much needed and totally saved our lives.


We’re so glad to be able to call The Plymouth our home away from home after another fun-filled event and truly couldn’t have ended Swim Week in a better way! The poolside diggs provided just the right amount of space for party goers to lounge on our giant flamingo floats, take tons of selfies at our Tito's Vodka photo booth (and enjoy shots from their killer ice luge), play some beer pong (because what’s a good throwback party without beer pong?), and dance their little hearts out. Not only was it insanely on-theme thanks to our awesome #ishinegirlgang party planner extraordinaires, but it was also in the middle of all the Swim Week action - right on the beach! We caught all the party hoppers jumping back and forth from the Paraiso Fashion Tent, to back-to-back runway shows, to our pool, then to dinner at Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill, and back to party poolside again...we salute to you, #swimweekwarriors! Honestly, the amount of energy vibing the entire day was enough to keep us going for 24 hours.



 Check out the full recap in the video below, brought to you by our bffs at Krave Studios!



Wrapping this week up is bittersweet because come on, it’s the most fun-filled, high excitement time of the year! Swim Week 2019 you were a gem; can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store!

Catch us hibernating for the rest of the month...and working on our Two Piece Mafia 2019 release!



ISHINE365 + Two Piece Mafia