WE’RE FOUR! ISHINE365 is so so happy to turn 4 and we couldn’t have celebrated in a better location. A big big thanks to the 1 Hotel Rooftop for hosting our b-day bash with sounds by the adorable, (Check her out!) The weather might not have been perfect, but that doesn’t stop the #ishinegirlgang from having the best damn time

We had a little one on one with KIKA before the party went down…

Wearing Minimale Animale << hittin’ the site SOON > >



How and when did you first get into DJing?
since I started listening to music all I liked was electronic. I was always was in charge to select music and bring my ipod to every party I went with my friends back in school. I guess I always new I wanted to DJ, so when I was 18 I decided to learn mixing techniques and started to pursue my passion.

We LOVE your mixes. How would you describe your sound?
Thanks! with KICKS (my recent radio show) and my live performances I’m searching to deliver a clean sound, keeping up to what house used to be like once. I’m from Venezuela so my roots are latin. I always tend to go for a tribal vibe every time I’m spinning; you’ll always enjoy fresh house music, and if the moment allows it I will ascend into a groovy mood with some progressive house.

What does KIKA mean?
KIKA means you have to dance to my whole set if you come see me! jajaja .. Just kidding. its a nickname for Federica, my real name.

What’s your favorite city to DJ in?
There’s this city in Venezuela, San Cristobal. They really know how to party. But I’m sure if you ask any DJ they’ll agree with me that every place has something special, and the coolest thing about traveling and having the opportunity to share with new  cultures is having a space to express yourself with music and share a good time with different people.



We hear you’re a big swimwear fan! What’s your favorite swim brand?
I aaamm because I love the beach! Minimale Animale, Boys & Arrows and Acacia.

What do you love to do when you’re not DJing?
I love going to the beach with a good book to read.

Who’s your MCM?
Bradley Cooper, obviously

What’s your favorite party spot in Miami?
I enjoy going to Bardot. Good music.



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Wearing Kaohs <<hittin’ the site soon!>>
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Our very own ISHINE365 employee has a knack for baking so we obviously make her bake us goodies all the time. But she might have made the cutest and most delicious cake yet!

< < Cuqui Cakes > >

Our fave hair bar, Babes in Braids, came to play!



Happy Monday☀️ from this beautiful babe in her braids : @carocaputoo

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Thanks to everyone who came! Looking forward to next year’s party

PHOTO CRED: Loic Ercolessi