Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to get your finances straight. From loans to that little extra shopping you want to do, nothing it’s super easy to manage!! Here are some cool and easy-to-handle hazel-free side hustles to help you manage!

Insta cart: Well, we know insta cart it’s not necessarily going shopping for fashionable clothes. However, if you enjoy shopping in general this might be for you! You will simply get assigned to a supermarket near you. And after that, receive a commission and pay for that. The communication with the customer is pretty easy and straight forward so we don’t think it’s a terrible thing to do ( easy to handle app)!. You just need your smartphone.

Rent your car: This might sound surprising! However, it’s a very nice thing to do if you want to try something different. On their website, you can find an easy-to-use calculator where you can see how much you will be getting for renting your car!

Fiver: This is pretty obvious! If you are gifted with amazing writing skills or copywriting you can always sell your services. Also! If you are a social media guru or like marketing this can be a good option! Other options are Copywriting, content writing, blog writing, technical writing, white paper writing, ghostwriting, ebook writing.

Dog walker: Who does not love dogs?. This is a pretty cool and easy way of earning some extra bucks! You can always create a nice flyer and leave it under your neighbor's doors to see if someone is interested. Of course, don't forget to establish a rate and give your phone number so they can reach you back.


Offer Up: this is probably one of the easiest ways of selling old furniture or objects you don't use. You can download their app to your smartphone and manage everything from there! Pretty simple! You just need to take a few pictures with your phone, establish a price and go from there!

Uber or Lyft driver: We love this idea! However, please remember to check with your insurance provider if your car it’s covered or not! ( in case of an accident). We don’t want you to get in trouble.

Graphic design: If you have amazing design skills, there are several online side hustles you could try that involve graphic design. For example, you could make money designing and selling: Pinterest templates, website and blog logos, ebooks. If you’re interested in graphic design as a side hustle, consider: What kind of design services you want to offer, how you’ll price them. 

Proofreading: This simply means reviewing written copy for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. You can offer general proofreading services or niche down and focus on working with one specific type of client like legal ones. However, don’t get too excited about this one! Some programs such as Grammarly do the job.

Virtual Assistant: The incredible thing approximately being a VA is you'll be able to cater your administrations to what you’re most fascinated by and learned around. For example, you might truly like hanging out on Pinterest. And might have an incredible eye for rep-inning the foremost valuable substance. That might turn into a side hustle as a Pinterest VA manager.

Pinterest VA manager: You could handle everything from stick plan and creation to branding to sticking technique for bloggers or online businesses. Another great thing approximately being a VA is simply can get begun with essentially $0 out of budget. That’s a sweet reward, right?

Inbox dollars: We recently found this one! Did you know you can get paid to watch videos or take surveys?. Yes! As surprising as it sounds!

Notary public service: Believe it or not you can get this certification for less than $100. On average, you can make an extra $500 month for notarizing documents.

Customer interviews: The reality is many companies use these services to get feedback on certain products or new releases. One of the most popular is User interviews.com and respondent.io.

Blogging: Blogging is difficult to monetize these days. A lot of people are already doing it and social media has changed a lot but can be a fun thing to practice your writing or build an audience around a particular idea. The best idea is to focus on a niche market and explore it in a very specific way. For example, giving easy and practical ideas to moms that need to balance between a job and family.

Affiliate marketing: This is great if you already have an audience! Most e-commerce websites do have an affiliate program. From Amazon to Revolve and even Ishine365. You get paid a small percentage of sales every time you refer someone to a particular product or website ( and of course, they buy).

Small investments: Ok don’t run! This is not as hard as it sounds! This is one of our favorite side hustles because it’s automated and passive. There are some websites such as Fundraise, which allows you to invest in revenue-generating commercial projects for as little as $500.

Give a course!: Guess what? Creating a course it’s not that complicated these days. Platforms such as Udemy for example!. This is an online education platform where students can connect with teachers from all around the world. You can create your course around a topic you’re an expert in and set your tuition rate.

Field agent: We found this cool app Field Agent ( did we mention is a free smartphone app?!) It pays you to complete small tasks in your neighborhood, like photographing a specific place or delivering documents.

Party Planning / Wedding Coordinator Service:
If you consider yourself an organized, on-schedule person you can put your organization skills to good use. One of the cool things about this is that you can build relationships with venues, wedding photographers, or other service providers in the space. You might need to do your first couple of gigs for free or at a low cost to establish yourself (yeah we know, beginnings are not always easy!).

We hope you enjoyed this blog post! And start earning a little more!

With love, The Ishine team.