We are SO excited to launch our new monthly bikini zodiac blog featuring our beautiful Moon Babe, Gabi Torres.

When she’s not guiding us on moon energies, she’s teaching yoga & art therapy classes & interior designing spaces bringing in elements that create a sense of comfort, grounding and beauty.

Check out her Instagram page for daily inspiration > > @gabiwellness



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New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces

This moon is giving us the energy to open our hearts and our minds. Use this energy to begin to notice the love all around you- from your friends, family, your pets, your significant other. Begin to count the good things and kind gestures that are done for you and that you do for others. Begin to create and notice a more beautiful world all around you. This energy can inspire you to be a more open and loving version of yourself, use it ;).


MARCH 23rd

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

This full moon is giving us the energy to push our dreams and ideas forward with tons of ambition. Whatever project, idea or dream you have been sitting on use this full moon and GET TO WORK. Use the magic of this full moon for your benefit and jump on it. We can choose to begin see opportunity or continue to limit ourselves by our negative beliefs. Choose Magic.

Bikini Zodiac For March


Traits: Spontaneous, Courageous, & Energetic.

Aries babes are active & daring – and willing to go after what they want. Aries should wear bold and bright colors to reflect their strong personalities.

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Traits: Practical, Ambitious, & Sensual.

A Taurus is creative & calm but always productive – take that energetic spirit and pair it with a bikini featuring a classic cut & an artistic edge.

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Traits: Sociable, Expressive, & Independent.

A Gemini is a social butterfly – always having fun and finding new ways to express themselves – perfect personalities for bold prints & materials.

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Traits: Creative, Romantic & Emotional.

Cancer babes are super sensitive and in touch with their emotions – they also have amazing imaginations and great artistic taste – and anyone with great taste knows that light blue (serenity) is the color of the season!

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Traits: Outgoing, Passionate, & Seductive.

A Leo is playful but very confident & incredibly charming – we picture a fiery lady in red.

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Traits: Witty, Loyal, & Hard-Working.

A Virgo can be shy at first – but once they get comfortable they really are fun to be around – spontaneous and flirtatious – perfect gal to wear a ruffle bikini (super on trend, too!)

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Traits: Smart, Affectionate, & Easy-Going.

A Libra is well balanced and on top of their game – super chill but always super stylish – the Libra needs to be wearing the hottest & trendiest new bikinis.

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Traits: Charismatic, Mysterious, & Powerful.

One of the strongest personalities of all the signs, a Scorpio gal deserves to wear a swimsuit that exudes confidence and sexuality.

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Traits: Adventurous, Charismatic, & Bold.

Sag babes draw people in with their positivity and compassion – they are explorers always looking for fun – they need a practical but cute kini to wear on their adventures!

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Traits: Humorous, Patient, & Sophisticated.

Capricorns are the most practical of the bunch – driven & focused but very realistic & thoughtful – Caps need a suit that will last them a while and that they can wear to any event.

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Traits: Free-spirited, intellectual, & Friendly.

Aquarius girls are dreamers and super spiritual – in tune with nature and filled with imagination – they look best in earthy colors and prints.

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Traits: Wild, Romantic & Artistic.

Romantic & passionate – Pisces babes are artsy but filled with compassion and generosity – they are made for the angelic color white.


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