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☀️ Sun Energy For May ☀️

The sun is earth’s source of energy. Plants, animals, people, we all need the sun to live. It gives us light, it gives us warmth and it gives us positive feelings. There is no better feeling then being sun kissed; it makes us all look and feel beautiful. Fire signs in the zodiac are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. These signs carry the characteristics of the sun within them and are sure to light up the room in some way. The fire in them also gives them a fearless energy.

 ☀️ Bikini Zodiac For May ☀️


Traits: Wild, Romantic & Artistic.

Pisces babes are wild at heart and bursting with passion and creativity. A solid printed bikini just won’t cut it.

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Traits: Humorous, Patient, & Sophisticated.

Caps are fun but always play it safe. Classic prints and silhouettes are what makes them feel their best.

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Traits: Adventurous, Charismatic, & Bold.

Sag gals are not ones to shy off in the corner. Always making a loud statement, they need a bold + bright color to show off their fun personalities.

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Traits: Free-spirited, intellectual, & Friendly.

Girly + Free, Aquarius girls need a swimsuit that showcases their flower child personas.

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Traits: Charismatic, Mysterious, & Powerful.

Scorpio babes are filled with lust, passion and ooze sexuality. Black is a color that highlights their mysterious ways.

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Traits: Smart, Affectionate, & Easy-Going.

You always want a Libra in your crew, especially when you go shopping. They are honest & chill and know a great swimsuit when they see one.

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Traits: Witty, Loyal, & Hard-Working.

Virgo ladies are humble and reserved. Peaceful babes look great in white.

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Traits: Outgoing, Passionate, & Seductive.

Leo gals are strong, independent but super sexual and seductive.

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Traits: Creative, Romantic & Emotional.

Romantic hippies, Cancer cuties are bohemian to the max.

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Traits: Practical, Ambitious, & Sensual.

Taurus gals seductive with old-fashioned ways. They love prints but they can’t be too loud.

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Traits: Sociable, Expressive, & Independent.

Gemini babes are whimsical but also incredibly smart & practical. They shine in neutral colors mixed with fun prints.

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Traits: Spontaneous, Courageous, & Energetic.

Energetic and youthful, Aries girls are fun loving and outgoing. They need colors that represent their lively personalities.

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What She’s Wearing:

Acacia Swimwear Malibu Bikini Top in Loquat

For Love and Lemons Crochet Set