Meet The New Sisters!  👙

Meet The New Sisters! 👙

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We’ve LEVELED UP! *cue Ciara beats* 

Our TPM faves got a color upgrade and we are super excited to talk about it. Why? Well, because there’s science in color. That’s right! We’re getting scientific AF!

Did you know that ORANGE is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success and encouragement? We couldn’t think of a better color to represent our tribe and to walk into summer into.  

Now on the other hand we have the ever so bold PURPLE, which is associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Well, that sounds like us too tbh!

So which color represents you? A little bit of both? We’ve thought about that too as we ourselves identified with a little bit of each. So why not mix and match? Be that ray of sunshine and put that crown on all at the same damn time

We are all about love, positivity and girl power and we feel these colors represent just that. AND WITH THAT SAID…..*drumroll* we’re also having a naming contest for the new gals! (and you can win free stuff if we pick your name!)

1. Head to Insta

Click HERE and tag your BFF! 

2. Get Creative

Make your comment C R E A T I V E! Post a catchy name for our new color drops! 

3. Follow Along

Make sure to follow @ishine365 and @twopiecemafia on insta! 

4. Check in on Stories

Keep an eye on our stories to see if we picked YOU 💞


Welcome to the family, orange and purple. We love you guys #Ishine365 


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