If there is one word to describe Minimale Animale it is indeed minimal- not in concept or aesthetic, but purely in design. Minimale Animale is all about minimalism in coverage, meaning the more skin showing, the better! This edgy, badass show featured models sporting black motorcycle helmets as rock music blared in the background. The helmets served as the perfect over-the-top accent to incredibly minimal bathing suits. This collection included a lot of harnesses, the classic mesh and leather combination and Lycra body chains worn over two-piece bikinis. Many of the pieces shown were made to mix and match with the intention of providing versatile separates that can create bikini “outfits”. The black leather jacket worn with itty-bitty bikini bottoms pushed the badass look over the top and made the collection stand out even more!

Look out for these super sexy suits hitting the site in November!! Check out the entire runway show here!