We all have different body types and different parts we want to accentuate or hide. ISHINE365 has such a wide selection of styles that there is a bikini for every single type of gal. From big booties to short torsos, we got the right set for you. Check out our tips on what suits you best and let us know if you have any special body types we didn’t cover that we can add to this list!


Itty Bitty Titty Committee

I’m so jealous of girls with small boobs, you really do get to wear the cutest bikini tops! #blessed – It’s like Posh Pua was made for you girls. The strappy, no tie, Kekaha top by Acacia Swimwear is great for a smaller chest & gives what you do have a little *push*, the San Lorenzo V-Not top has minimal coverage and an adorable simple back tie (not enough support for our big breasted friends), and the cut of the Lolli Moon Lover top is perfect for the itty bitty titty committee.

Busty Babes

Being such a common body issue when it comes to bikini shopping, we’ve recently launched a special category on our site to help our bustier customers find tops that fit them and give them the right support. You can see the full section >> here << The Beach Riot Darlin wrap neck top & Lennox top by Acacia Swimwear give all the support your girls need, the Mara Hoffman ruffle one-piece surprisingly holds your boobies in and makes them look great, and the new (and oh-so-adorable) Mandalynn Ali scalloped top features a sporty top that keeps everything nice and tucked in!

Curvy Girls

Curvy girls make the world go round! We love girls with a womanly figure and so do these four bikinis. The Beach Riot Onyx one-piece features a high waist bottom attached to a cute off the shoulder loose top. The Boys + Arrows Jailbird top and Frankie’s Bikinis Koa top have thick bands on top and bottom, & the Mikoh Copacabana one-piece has a great covered silhouette with a sexy strappy back.


Shorty swing my way We get the right suits to lengthen those sexy stems. The new Donna Mizani & Indah one-pieces feature a super high cut that make your legs look 10 feet long, the Mandalynn Abbey bottom also has a high cut, and the Minimale Animale Don’t Be Cruel Brief is able to be worn high or low, but the thin strap around the hip gives the illusion of a long leg.

Teeny Torso

This is my biggest body issue, so take this advice from me! Triangle tops + low rise bottoms lengthen your torso better than any bikini set. I own the Beach Riot x Stone Cold Fox stripe set and it fits like a dream, the velvet JYork x Dbrie set & Indah white tiger set both have a super low cut bottom, & the She Made Me crochet bikini looks great on a mini torso.

Bubble Butt

Bubble butt, bubble bubble bubble butt – the bigger the butt the better (at least that’s how we love it here in Miami!) The best way to show off your assets are with bikini bottoms that scoop above the top of your cheeks like the Bettinis, Stone Fox Swim, & Kai Lani bottoms. We also know that a great adjustable tie side bottom, like the Acacia Polihale, really do well for the big booties.

Small Tushies

Teeny tushies can be easily fixed by a simple scrunch bottom bikini. The Posh Pua Niu, Bettinis Minimal, and Blue Life Stargazer all have a cute little scrunch for to help give you the illusion of a fuller bottom. The Lolli Swim Classic Bow bottoms also look great on a smaller butt.