Posted on 25 June 2017

Online shopping. We all do it & we all experience the same emotional roller coaster. Let’s see if we’re on the same page…


It’s pay day and you know you got cash money in the bank. You’re feelin’ rich and lookin’ to spend $$


You sit down at your computer and get ready to do some damage


You get super frustrated because everything you want is sold out


You finally found stuff you like in your size and you’re pretty pumped


You make the purchase and immediately get buyers remorse


You go back and forth and finally come to the conclusion that you really deserve this gift to yourself


You think about your package every day


Like it’s all you can think about


It finally arrives, everything fits, and you feel FABULOUS


You walk the streets like you own the place, in your new digs (from ishine365, duh!)

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