If you haven’t heard about the hot new swim line collab, JYORK x DBRIE, you’re missing out! Two incredible artists, Jessica York and Danielle Pinder, merged together to create a unique and edgy swimsuit line straight out of our 90’s daydreams. Velvet, lace-up, and plunging cuts, JYORK x DBRIE is going to take the swimwear world by storm. We sat down with Jessica ☀️ to get a little inside info.


How did you two meet?

J: I was asked by Dani to style a lookbook for her and we just clicked.

D: Through mutual friend Stephanie Romano at a local bar if I remember correctly. We vibed immediately. I knew who Jess was because I had seen her styling work and loved it.

You both come from unique & creative backgrounds – how did you get involved in designing swimwear?

J: I did some styling for ishine, but other then that was never involved in the swimwear business.  Art + clothes was always my thing. After meeting dani we had so many ideas, that starting our own swim collection just came naturally.

D: I studied at the Art Institute here in Miami so designing was always my objective. I have always been drawn to swimwear and had the hardest time buying anything for myself because of my body type; large bust + small back. I’ve never found a top that I haven’t had to alter. While I was in school, I took a trip to Venezuela and had one custom made. I finally had a top that fit me perfectly! It was such a great feeling. And that’s where the start of my custom line came in, as soon as I got back to Miami I began to make patterns and develop my line.

We are crazy about the velvet material! What inspired your JYORK x DBRIE collection?

J: We both love velvet. So with my knowledge in fashion and her experience with swimwear we combined the two.  I’ve always wanted a velvet bikini.

D: We wanted to make basics that really fit great on all body types. We started off with a few basic colors; heather grey, black, white and nude. We were at my factory one day and I had a bunch of fabrics laid out from a previous project and we literally both at the same time said “we should do a velvet line”, It was a ying + yang moment. I had always wanted to do a velvet line so it was perfect timing!

What do you do when you’re not creating awesome swimwear?

J: I’m a mommy to my daughter Olivia Rose. I’m always painting + creating. I love art directing and styling for photoshoots. Anything in the art world I’m into.

D: I’m always creating something. Whether at home or at my factory, I always have some sort of project going on. you’ll rarely catch me relaxing unless its tanning!

What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

J: I don’t think I have a favorite place,  I’m a tropical girl.  Anything with ocean and sand and I’m happy.

D: I absolutely love Tulum and Saint Lucia is so beautiful, but take me anywhere with a beach and I’m happy.

What are your favorite spots to eat & drink in Miami?

J: Right now I’m really feeling Fooqs in downtown. Cool vibe in there, great lighting + food.

D: I live in the grove and spend a lot of my time in the area.  And I’m mostly a pescatarian so I frequently visit the same spots. I have to say, I love Le Bouchon they have the best mussels in town! And Hillstone/Houstons for all their great plates and of course the dirty martinis. Ariete is another place I really enjoy especially on a date night.

What model/celebrities would you love to represent JYORK x DBRIE?

J: I like something about everyone’s look, but my all time favorite would be Chloë Sevigny.

D: Kate Moss, Emrata, Gigi Hadid, Carmella Rose, Taylor Hill, Kendall + Kylie, Steph Claire Smith, Natalie Boras, Hailey Baldwin



Tomorrow we’ll be hosting a special meet & greet//styling sesh with Jessica York in our new LA pop-up at 1301 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291! Come by from 4-6 PM today and get 20% off your JYORK x DBRIE swimsuit ⭐️

Snag some pieces from their collection on ISHINE365 >> here <<