It all goes like this: you see a new skincare product at Sephora ( you haven’t finished that one Serum you have at home) and suddenly you just bought another $50 product you might not need. It is putting money on your face. Even if you are in your 20’s it’s completely normal to feel you need to put that extra care in. We always have that fear of feeling that those $100 + skincare routines are the only ones that will be saving you from looking older and tired. The good thing it’s: that’s not the case.

Since we love to help our Ishine Babes with almost everything, we did a cool skincare research
To get the most popular products under $30. One of the most popular brands was “The Ordinary”. The one thing we must say about some of these less expensive brands it’s that they have simpler ingredients.

Cerave hydrating cleanser: If you have sensitive skin and want something daily this one makes a great idea! It is not that hydrating as some other skincare products such as “The Camellia Cleansing Oil” from Tatcha, however, we encourage you to try it!. Cerave entire line is great, simple, and affordable, and you could easily make a regimen just from there.

In terms of Serums, we know everyone is experimenting with some type of FOMO. There is hype around these products. PLUS, everyone on social media is talking about them. According to “The Ordinary” website not having more than three serums in your routine, which is clear and simple advice it’s a really bad idea. They came up with this serum we are completely in love!: “Multi-technology peptide serum”. This is a multi-technology serum that combines 3 in 1 and we completely love it. It addresses various concerns from blotchiness to wrinkles. You could use this as your only serum and get fantastic results.

Now let’s talk about something we all have heard about: Hyaluronic acid, like many currently popular skin-care ingredients, sounds like something that will preserve your beauty forever. In actuality, it’s an extremely hydrating substance that acts as a hyperefficient moisture-delivery system. We love the one from The Ordinary as well. Did we mention the price is $7?!. The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 works just as well as many more expensive products. ( we promise you).

Vitamin-C serums are currently very trendy and legitimately pretty effective. But you don’t need to spend a zillion dollars to try one. Instead of Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Day Serum ($80 at Sephora), we recommend trying the Ordinary’s Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%, which has so far been just as effective for brightening and evening skin tone.

If you have dark circles and puffiness from years of not getting enough sleep and are willing to try something (other than, you know, sleeping). Previously, Thee Ordinary’s Caffeine Solution is the first eye-specific product at a reasonable price that seems to work; We have asked around, and the reviews are always the same. Most of them look like “my eye area is less puffy and the skin tone is more even after a couple of weeks of use”. You also need so little of it that this one bottle will probably last a year.

Now going into Sunblocks… as everyone knows, the 100 SPF are among the best ones to use. We love La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral SPF Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid (MSRP).

Since it is a combined product you’ll never “forget” to apply SPF in the morning again with this cream that contains sunscreen and moisturizer. It contains hyaluronic acid to offer 12-hour hydration, plus mineral SPF 30 sunscreen to protect the skin. We swear by this one!. However, you can always find some 100 SPF products over the drugstore that are way less expensive. The only thing to point out here is to make sure it goes according to your skin type. For example, a heavy sunblock won’t be a good idea for oily skin.

If your skin feels tight and dehydrated come midday, turn to this Milky Mist, which is a hydrating face mist that comforts and plumps the surface of the skin. It’s perfect for winters too! The price is not too expensive ( $12). We found this review online talking about this one in specific, "Just from one use, my dry skin was instantly hydrated. I use it in both the morning and at night and my skin is AMAZING. I recommend this product for everyday use and it's worth the money you're spending. You also get a lot of products so don't worry about running out fast. Buy this product and watch your dry skin instantly change.”. So, should you give it a try?! For sure!

If you consider yourself to have normal skin, you can always get a heavy moisturizer. We came across some reviews online talking about “glowing skin” by using Aveeno's daily moisturizer with SPF 15 to protect against superficial sun damage, while soy complex helps even and illuminate. According to some internet articles and magazines, If it's good enough for Jennifer Aniston. So… it should be enough for us, correct?.

If you consider yourself to have oily skin, then the idea it’s to avoid heavy moisture. We found that Cetaphil pick hydrates the skin so it doesn't overproduce oil and lead to an oil-slick skin. It even has SPF 30 to protect against sun damage. It looks like a good and very affordable ($14) on any drugstore!.

We hope this blog post helps you understand you can still take care of yourself without spending a lot! And remember, not everyone is the same so before doing something crazy like spending tons on a skincare routine ask a professional ( or dermatologist). You will be surprised at how simple is the products they usually recommend.

With love! The IShine team.