Growing up, we all thought one-pieces were strictly created for our moms wanting to be modest & demure, but over the past few years, that stigma has changed. The rise of the sexy one-piece is happening and we LOVE it. From cut outs, plunging necklines, straps, & high cuts, the one-piece swimsuit can end up being much more alluring than a skimpy bikini.


Tons of swimsuit brands are creating their own rendition of the youthful one-piece and we’ve built up quite a collection of the hottest ones at ISHINE365. Check out our top 20 picks below.





Siempre Golden // Stone Fox Swim


Boys and Arrows // Acacia Swimwear





Acacia Swimwear // Frankie’s Bikini



Acacia Swimwear // Blue Life Swim




Acacia Swimwear // Mikoh




Minimale Animale // Kai Lani




Mikoh // Beach Riot




Posh Pua // Acacia Swimwear




Acacia Swimwear // Indah Swimwear




Blue Life Swim // Indah Swimwear