What is in our gym bag!? An honest review of things you need inside!

Have you ever felt you leave home early in the morning, start driving to the gym, and then boom! You suddenly noticed you forgot your deodorant, now what. Yes, we all have been in the same boat!

By knowing how to pack, you won’t this headache. How amazing is that?. Let’s start with our checklist!:

Sneakers: It might sound ridiculous to forget this in your gym bag! However, it happens. If you are doing a spinning class, our recommendation is to bring your shoes too. In the end, it will be a way better idea than using someone else’s shoes.
Pro tip from us: In case you can, try to pair your gym shoes with your actual outfit that day so you don’t need to pack two pairs of different shoes. You can always get the best sneaker deals over the Nike website. Websites such as Bandier are also very good if you need to find something “on-trend” and with good performance.

Water bottle: It might sound tempting to just buy water in someplace around your gym or workplace, however, those $1 bills will quickly add up. The best idea is to bring your water bottle so you don’t feel tempted. Also! It’s super healthy for you to keep your water intake up and staying hydrated.
Pro tip: We're totally in love with this water bottle! You can measure how much water you are taking during the day! Plus, it even gives you hours in the day!

You don’t need to get all fancy about your water bottle as long as it does the job! There are plenty of cheaper options over Amazon, Marshall Home Goods ( if you live within the United States), and even the Nike website.

3. Headphones: The first piece of advice we can give you on this is to invest in good ones. The main reason is that most of the ones out there that try to copy expensive ones such as the AirPods don’t do the work. It has happened to us! The batteries don’t last, you can’t get a call with proper quality and it just makes no sense. Our forever favorites coming your way!:

4. Dry Shampoo: This is something not everyone thinks they need! However, it’s super important! Believe it or not, the more you wash your hair, the greasy it gets! Our favorite brands are “Not your mother's” dry shampoo ( not expensive at all! Available in most pharmacies!) And OUAI dry shampoo is an expensive option you can find at Sephora. It gives volume and we can’t even explain how good the smell is.

5. Cleansing Wipes: Cleansing wipes can be a lifesaver after the gym. It’s always a good idea to remove makeup before your workout! The main reason is that it will obstruct your pores. That can end up in acne or some other complications. Also, in case you feel extra sweaty, this is a great idea too. No one wants weird odors around, right?!

We found some antiperspirant towels we love! 

6. Quick-drying towels: These are perfect for those intense workouts where you are completely drained in sweat!. Most of them are antibacterial great for Yoga, spinning class, HIT workout… you name it!. However, these are not super necessary! Most of the gyms these days do offer towels. We found these quick-drying towels on amazon!

7. An extra pair of socks: Everyone knows wearing wet socks is the most uncomfortable thing on earth! We recommend it.

8. A pack of hair ties!: Have you ever been on the treadmill while your hair tie breaks? One word for this: disaster. We love these ties! They are made from silicone so they will never break!

However, if you have thin hair these might not be the best option because they might be too strong on it. The conventional ones also do the work pretty well!

9. A fresh tank top!: In case you don’t have time to change after your workout this idea is perfect if you need to run errands. There are some great options over Amazon at good prices, or you can always head into Ishine365 to find some popular brands such as Beach Riot.

10. A portable charger! : It is always a good idea to have one in case you run out of battery and can’t listen to any music! There are many options over Amazon and decent prices!. Some of them are very small so you don't need to make them fit.

11. Shower shoes: This is a must in case you are using the gym bathroom! You never know what is on the floor! And yes! As disgusting as it may sound!

12. A lock: Some gyms do not have them! And is always better to secure your stuff! Don’t worry! You don’t need to buy multiple locks! Usually, the same one you use for travel work for any gym locker.

13. Snacks!: The best idea is to not get crazy with snacks that are difficult to get on your bag! For example, do not pack fresh fruit into your bag unless you know you are eating them soon!. The best snacks to get in your bag are usually low sugar, high protein snacks such as bars or nuts!.

14. Plastic bags!: This might sound somehow obvious!. The best way to organize your gym bag is to have a small plastic bag for everything such as shoes, clothing, bath essentials, snacks, etc because it will be much easier to find stuff. Also, your gym bag will never get dirty if your water/juice bottle breaks.

 We hope this blog post helps all our Ishine Babes getting on track with their workout routines! Missing something at home won't be a problem anymore for sure!! if you like this blog post remember to share it!

With love,

The Ishine Team