An interview with ISHINE365 babe and bikini lover Samira Fatemian reveals everything you need to know about traveling the tropical Hawaiian island of Maui.

ISHINE365: What is the best place to stay in Maui and why?

Samira: This question is difficult to answer because I was fortunate enough to stay at my best friend’s sister’s treehouse in Haiku. Haiku is more of a neighborhood, not very near the main towns. I’m not sure what it would’ve been like to stay in a hotel in town like one usually would… BUT I would say the best location to stay in Maui would probably be the Wailea-Makena area because of the amazing sun, breath-taking snorkeling and great surfing spots in the area. Anywhere you go in Maui is going to be a drive away and the Wailea-Makena area is sort of in the middle of it all.


ISHINE365: What is your favorite restaurant and what is the best thing on the menu?

Samira: There were many restaurants in Paia Town that were pretty good, but nothing really out of this world since it was more of a tourist trap. My favorite restaurant by far would definitely have to be Colleens at the Cannery in Haiku. We enjoyed mimosas with freshly squeezed orange juice there every morning! Their french toast and breakfast croissant sandwich is simply divine. And you can’t forget that they have the best pastries to go- (blueberry tidbits, cherry turnovers, and mango scones!) They’re lunch menu’s not bad either.


ISHINE365: What is the most beautiful beach or the best place to go for a swim?

Samira: The beach I spent the most time at was Ho’okipa Beach Park, which was a surfer’s paradise. I was also able to swim alongside Honu Sea Turtles (Green Sea Turtles) at Ho’okipa, however, because Ho’okipa is a resting ground for these turtles, there are laws that limit how close you may get to them. Did I mention that snorkeling there is fun too?

ISHINE365: What are some activities that you must do while in Maui?

The activities truly are endless!!! So I’m going to try to sum it up in as few words as possible.  The following are things I did on my trip that I would consider MUST DO activities.

HALEAKALA SUNRISE OR SUNSET – MUST MUST MUST DO!!! It’s a long and curvy BUT beautiful drive up to Haleakala, not to mention the sunrise/sunset view at 10,000 ft. is epic!!

 SNORKELING IN MAKENA Amazing snorkeling spots in the Wailea-Makena area- just be careful not to get caught in the dangerous shore breaks!

 ROAD TO HANA- MUST DO! The journey to Hana is a bit dangerous BUT it’s world renown and was one of the most breath taking scenic routes I’ve ever driven on.

SURFING IN HO’OKIPA BEACH PARK- Great waves, hot surfers, sea turtles, cliff jumping, and snorkeling all in one- What more can you ask for??

SOAKING UP THE [VERY HOT] DESERT SUN IN LAHAINA- just park on the side of the main road where you will immediately find yourself on the beach. Parking = free and never a mission!!!

ISHINE365:What is the best place to grab a drink with friends?

Samira: Nightlife in Maui is limited, since most locals are in bed early and are early risers, but there is always something going on at Casanova in Makawao. Check their website for their entertainment schedule!