it’s that time of year again, DJs from all over the world come together for a weekend full of eat, sleep, rave, repeat 

if this is your first time attending UMF there’s a couple things you should know.


> wear your comfiest most disposable pair of shoes, buy some cheap ones if you have to. You WILL be standing pretty much the entire day and walking from stage to stage. Your shoes will also change colors from how dirty they will get (not kidding)

you’re going to be doing a lot of raving so to get through this miami weather we suggest wearing shorts and your cutest bikini top…check out our option below 

it’s ultra so don’t be afraid to wear your brightest and craziest outfit

solid & stripped morgan top // solid and stripped anne-marie one piece // indah axel one piece // Kaohs rio one piece // blue life one piece in shell


> cash, cash, cash! All the stands selling food, drinks, etc only accept cash. There are a couple ATMs throughout the venue but we suggest bringing some pare cash to avoid waiting any unnecessary lines.

> clear bag policy

when it comes to bringing bags, UMF can be picky with what they let you bring in. Fanny packs, Hydration bags (which they don’t consider as backpacks), bags the size of a hand, and clear bags are all allowed in the venue. Read more about their bag policy here

water! although you can’t bring water when walking into the festival we suggest buying a bottle as soon as you walk in because once you’re in the crowd dancing to your favorite DJ, you’re not going to want to walk out to grab water.

>bring a charging cable…they have charging stations so if you don’t have a portable charger, in between dj sets you can power up (:


via @ultra


During Ultra weekend uber raises their prices so it can get pretty expensive. If you’re coming from the south Miami area the best option for you would be to drive to your nearest Metro and take all the way down to the festival, getting off at Bayfront park – see their map here to find your route.

If you live in downtown definitely take the MetroMover, it’s the best option especially since it’s free. It stops at midnight though, so for transportation back we suggest hoping on the Metrorail. Check out the metro mover map here

Ultra has done a really good job at keeping their attendees informed via their instagram, from giving us the best uber routes to a breakdown of performers split up by days…follow them here

check out the ultra lineup here