For our bikini obsessed, sun and sand lovers, chances are a trip to the beach is an essential part of life. We love our beaches not only because of the beautiful and relaxing waters but because a beach day can almost be like a mini vacay… Unfortunately, our beaches have been mistreated; what we leave at the beach, stays at the beach and it impacts our environment in a very negative way.

In honor of #earthday, we came up with tips on how to achieve an environmentally friendly beach day. 

Here are some tips to live by:

1.  Pack your yummy treats in a reusable container rather than plastic bags.

Plastic will not only harm our beaches but the animals in our waters. The more you resist the urge to bring your food and drinks in ziplock bags and water bottles, the more the beach will thank you. ☺️

2. Keep it clean when it comes to sunscreen.

Sunscreen is a must when you’re spending a day in the sun but the chemicals in sunscreen harm the environment. Buy yourself some organic sunscreen… Our favorite is a brand we just started carrying, @whitegirlsunscreen – it is free from harsh toxins like Oxybenzone plus, it’s lightly-scented with fresh cucumber. It will protect your skin and the environment!

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3. No items get left behind.

In this case, what happens at the beach does not stay at the beach. Make sure what you pack comes right back home with you. Contribute to cleaning the beach by picking up any trash you see lying around the sand – every little thing helps and you’ll burn some extra calories. 

New motto: Leave the beach cleaner than when you arrived.

You can also sign up & volunteer to clean beaches in your city at

4. Avoid plastic straws when ordering your coco loco.

Did you know that straws are not accepted as a recyclable item? So, unless you throw them out while you’re at the beach, they’ll most likely end up in the ocean where they get mistaken as food by our oceans’ creatures.

 We suggest avoiding the use of straws as much as possible!

5. Bring extra eco-friendly bags to pick up after your dog’s 

When taking your dog to the beach, a dog friendly one of course…  make sure to pick up after them. According to, 20-30% of all pollutants in waterways are attributed to dog waste.

We like the bags from poopbags because their main focus is creating an eco-friendly dog bag that safely decomposes.