If you’re wondering why your bikini has begun to fade in color or is not in the shape you first bought it in,  you’re probably caring for you bikini all wrong. Bikinis are much more delicate than the normal clothes you throw in the wash. For the babe who ‘lives in a bikini’ caring for your bikinis is very important, especially if you spent the big bucks on them. There are rules to follow when trying to keep your bikini in its best shape!

Here’s how to clean your bikini, the right way

1.Rinse your bikini with fresh water after wearing it

If you are going to be doing activities where you won’t be able to wash your bikini right away the safest way to keep the chemicals from your tanning oil, pool, and sunscreen from damaging your bikini is to rinse it with fresh water.

  Don’t wring out your bikini, instead throw it in a water proof bikini bag while you’re on the go.

2.Do not use laundry detergent

 Truth is, throwing your bikini in the wash is not the best idea or the safest thing for your bikini, Laundry detergent will cause the colors to fade.

→ We recommend using the LE PAUME bikini care kit as a replacement for detergent

3.Do not throw your bikini in the dryer

 Despite every instinct to do so, do not throw your bikini in the dryer! the heat of the dryer will damage your bikini over time.

  Instead try air drying your bikini inside or somewhere outdoors where there is no direct sunlight hitting your bikini (the heat of the sun will cause your bikini to fade)

4.Try not to wear the same bikini in a row

Your bikini is made out of spandex meaning it will stretch to fit your body, wearing it a couple of days in a row does not give it time to return back to it’s original shape.

sounds like a good excuse to buy more than one bikini

Following these simple rules will help keep your bikini in its best shape for a longer time it’s also a cheaper alternative than having to buy a new one