"1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime." - www.nationalbreastcancer.org

Well all know what the month of October stands for, it's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month but how many people actually know what it means? 

This month is meant to educate women about breast cancer and the importance of catching it early. Breast cancer is the main cancer diagnosed in women, according to the national breast cancer foundation breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women.

Although breast cancer is not preventable, catching it early is the first and most important step to winning the battle. 


Here's how to check yo self

tip: the best places to do your own personal breast exam is in the shower, lying down, or in front of a mirror

*tips via breastcancer.org

Step 1:

With your arms on your hips, look at yourself in the mirror. You want to make sure that your breasts look as usual and that there is no visible swelling , redness, dimpling, or distortion.

Step 2:

Lift your arms and check if any of the changes listed in step 1 occur.

Step 3:

lay down on your bed. Feel around your entire breast while keeping your fingers flat. You want to make sure to cover the entire area, moving your fingers in a circular motion can help.

Step 4: 

if you are finding it hard to effectively check yourself while lying down, try it in the shower and repeat step 3 while standing.



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*The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

*Susan G. Komen for the Cure

*American Cancer Society 

*National Breast Cancer Foundation


Recently Shannen Doherty (you might recognize her from 90210 & charmed) released her breast cancer story via instagram to help bring awareness to the disease. We commend her bravery because we know it is not always easy sharing something so personal to the world. Her story has helped continue to bring awareness to breast cancer this month.


Breast Cancer Awareness month. This image is so personal to me. I had started chemo. Was using a cold cap in hope to not lose my hair. End result was clumps in my hands. I was sick, felt like I was losing myself. Gained people and lost people. Got weak and got strong. Felt ugly and yet more beautiful inside than I had ever felt before. I remember this like it was yesterday, like it was a minute ago. Cancer has so many phases. Shock, denial, acceptance, anger, resentment, rebellion, fear, appreciation, beauty. Remission. Even then, the phases keep coming. Cancer is with you forever. Those who have experienced it know that even after you’ve kicked it’s ass, it still impacts you, in good ways and bad. You still go thru the roller coaster of emotions. You still need support and love. And you can still grasp life and live, live live. #cancer #cancerslayer

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