NAMASTE: Pilates tips by Lacey Daunt

Posted on 25 June 2017

“Aloha!” from one of our brand ambassador cuties, Lacey Daunt. When she’s not baking under the sun in one of our bikinis, she’s practicing the art of Pilates. Pushing the average physical limitations through stretches and poses, she suggests the following for the perfect bikini ready bod, all year round…


1) The Hundred:

“The Hundred” increases your heart rate while maintaining a correct breathing technique. In this move you lie down on your back on the center of your mat. Bring your knees into your chest, lift your head, neck and shoulders and extend your legs into a “table-top position” (Imagine you’re lying on the floor and resting your calves flat on a table top.) Begin pumping your arms by your side and breathe in for five counts, following with an exhale for five counts. Repeat this series 10x and you will have completed “the hundred.”


2) Single Leg stretch:

Single Leg Stretch kicks off the “ab series”. In this move you will lie down on your back and center yourself on the mat. Bring your knees into your chest and lift your head, neck and shoulders. Extend your left leg while exhaling all of the air out. Inhale upon switching legs and exhale once the left leg is pulled in fully, towards the chest. Do 20 reps of these focusing on your breath and making sure to maintain a steady exhale/inhale pattern.


3) Seal:

Seal is the last move before wrapping up class with a cool down stretch. Seal is a great, quirky exercise for the spine. For this move, sit feet together, knees apart on the mat and place your hands in a prayer position. Dive your hands under your feet and grab the outskirts of your ankles. Tuck your body into a “C” formation and inhale. Roll back to the tips of your shoulder blades, exhale, roll up and find balance. Complete this 10x.






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