You know were all about that bass! Starting today, every Monday we’ll be posting up a music Monday blog post letting you know what some of our fave songs to jam to are… Here are some new songs we can’t get enough of…


  • My song 5 by Haim; a really interesting yet angry song that tells men that they should basically eat their hearts out… along with a really dope beat and crackling bass line.


  • Money on my Mind by Sam Smith; with the voice of an angel, soft and soulful, he reels you in easily… There’s no stopping him. Check out the rest of his album, which we also love.


  • Expectations by Brika; this hot new indie-pop artist deserves all the recognition she can get with her jazzy and raw yet minimalistic voice. We can’t wait to hear what she comes out with next!


  • Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez; this tune is super dark and mysterious with troubling and engaging lyrics that will completely catch your attention. 





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