Here's this weeks #MusicMonday with a twist, brought to you by @deleasa with a special ishine playlist made just for you babes. Get to know our #mancrushmonday below and listen to his mix.


Where are you from?

 I was born in New Jersey


We first saw you dj at model beach volleyball, what was your favorite part of that experience? 

Just getting to be apart of the event and seeing familiar faces. Miami is a special place for me, I have spent quite a bit of time there, so I have a close circle of friends based in the 305 so it always feels like a better version of a high school reunion when I'm there.


How long have you been playing music, what inspired you to become a DJ and musician? 

My interest first peaked when I was about ten and wanted to play drums, from there my parents cut a deal if a learned guitar (a quieter instrument) that I could get a drum set. Needless to say I got that drum set, and started my first band at 11 and just never stopped...  Becoming an artist and DJ was inspired out of my pure love for music. At a young age music was my outlet, I just loved the way listening and writing it made me feel. I think seeing/feeling the power of music has always been what inspired me and taking note on how the artist I love do their thing. DJ'ing is just an extension of creating music because you're just seeing the after math of how people react to that end product even if you're playing other people's music.


Favorite songs to throw into your set list while dj'ing a party?

I love throwing in Kiss by Prince or Superstition by Stevie Wonder, just so I know funk is still alive.


Name your favorite event/venue you've played at?

My favorite event to DJ was at gov. ball at the Bacardi house, people were going nuts and my favorite venue is Webster Hall in NYC(rip), I have played so many memorable shows there.


Fave beach destination?

I bet you all want me to say the Jersey Shore.... but Bondi Beach in Australia is at the top for now.


Dream girl? 

Family oriented, ride or die p.i.c., confident, good sense of humor, but I can't stress inner beauty enough cause that's what really shapes the mold of what that dream is... Oh and you can put that all in a bikini and we are good to go :) 



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