Oh, the many ways one can utilize a sarong! You can use them to lay on by the pool, rock them as a scarf on those chilly days, or
use them as a towel on any given beach day. Our favorite way to use a sarong is as a bikini cover-up. We’ve grouped together our
top 5 favorite ways to rock a sarong and the places or situations in which you may find yourself rocking them! 

The Strapless Wrap-Around:
This is a simple and quick cover-up style that adds a girly flare without risking any unnecessary tan lines!

The Halter, (or the “alter ego” of the Strapless Wrap-Around):
For a more conservative look with a fashionable twist (literally), we’d rock this look for a fam jam or on a boat day out with friends.

The Cape:
The Cape style is as stylish as it is efficient. Find yourself rocking this look poolside on a short walk to the bar when you’ve noticed
your mojito’s running low…or if you find that you’ve had one too many mojitos and need to make a quick getaway to the little ladies room.
Also, we don’t blame you if you find yourself resisting the urge to run a lap around the pool pretending
to be superwoman, strutting the Cape style… we’d do the same!

The Athena One-Shoulder:

Perfect for a beach to brunch occasion, in other words… the Athena goes from 0 to 100 real quick! 

The Classic:

You can never go wrong with the Classic. To complete the look, throw on a crop top and a cute pair of sandals-
ideal for meeting up some friends at the local beach shops.

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Remember… keep your sarong game strong!