We know you’ve been there; after a yoga class or a weekly sweat sesh with your trainer, wishing for a time and place where it would be appropriate to meet that noon appointment in your oh-so-comfy (and flattering!) gym ensemble. Well… get ready Ladies, because Activewear is coming back in big big ways. Flattering yoga shorts, printed neon leggings, and low riding velvety sweatpants are all the rage now, overriding denim as the new appropriate day wear. We have to hand it to our activewear designers, for stepping up the game on a once overseen fashion subcategory. On the street, in the workplace, and just doing normal day to day things,  the lycra crop and oversized tee is no longer restricted to gym terrain. And of course, Yours Truly, ISHINE365, is now e-host to the cutest, most flattering names in the game. Make sure to check out What’s New to get first dibs on latest craze to hit the fashion street scene. 

(PS. Stay tuned lady loves, ISHINE365 is going BIG with this one)