Happy Earth Day from us to you! 

Here at ISHINE365, we strongly believe in making the world a better place for ourselves and for humanity. One brand that holds true to sustainability is Teeki; an active fashion brand with pieces created from the fibers of recycled plastic bottles, hand-stiched to perfection – What sounds more interesting than that?!

Teeki is an eco-friendly activewear line that has become one of it’s kind with it’s retro-active power prints and vibrant hues – These pop prints may be alluring and addicting, but they’re no joke… They mean business (fitness business). Not only do we carry an array of fun-loving leggings, but we also offer a variety of neutral toned bikinis that embody parts of our universe. One important fact you should know: it takes over 400 years for plastic bottles to completely biodegrade. Therefore, Teeki recycles bottles into clothing to exclude the need to produce new raw materials.

Reduce, reuse, and re-shop by checking out our hand-picked selection of earth-inspired bikinis and eco-friendly pieces. If you are an avid sun-soaker and bikini shopper, check out our curated boutique in honor of this very special day! 

Remember, our planet is 4.5 billion years old… Let’s respect, love, and appreciate it and save our world by conserving it. Do something nice for the environment today by recycling (go green), using less water (take a dip in the ocean), and conserving energy (keep calm and turn off the light).

Tell us: what on earth are you doing on Earth Day? Take part with us in today’s festivities by showing us how you celebrate! Tag us in your best Earth Day inspired pics for a chance to be featured on our Instagram account

 *May the forest be with you*