It’s getting hot in here… Someone call the Bae-Watch patrol, there’s a hottie on the loose! – And she’s wearing red! 

For any modern-day bikini lover, there comes a time when one seeks to be daring and different, especially when Summer comes around and even more so with all these new and, if we may add, evolving designs. Where they’ re coming from, we don’t know. But we ain’t complaining. In the heat of the moment, that one itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny red bikini catches your attention, leaving you swooning with hearts for eyes and the intention to purchase the bikini you’ve always dreamed of.

Suit up the right way and dive into pool party season by making a bold statement in the hottest (and I mean, hottest) red ‘kinis – in other words, exactly how you want to look this season. But wait, there’s more… These suits are not only a Summer-time essential but they also make a perfect MDW / Fourth of July bikini.

If you hadn’t already known, red is a definite go-to hue that we just can’t get enough of… Which is why, we’ve decided to come up with a killer boutique specially curated for you ISHINE lovers. So, shop styles everyone wants and feel the warm rays of the ‘Bae Watch’ collection. Click the link below to grant yourself access to this red-hot page.

*Let us take you on baecation*