It’s the most wonderful time of the year – That’s right… Festival season and we’re ready to hit the road! Keep your eyes open for all anticipated music festivals taking over Cali and get ready to tread the desert in style because we’re going to give you the low down on what to wear (from poolside to festival), artists to watch, and necessary festival essentials that you should have with you at all times – The boho girl’s packing list, providing you the ultimate festival survival guide.

We’re going to save you from all of the craziness that goes into preparing and make it a breeze… Beat the heat in some of our boho-inspired pieces, crochet maxis, dope denim, and top it off with our amazing selection of Brixton hats or accessorize with statement jewelry by Natalie B + more from some of your fave brands! We love a little head turning detail…

 First things first, before the party starts, there are a few essentials we recommend to get you through the weekend:

 Back-pack/fanny-pack: To hold all of your festival needs.

Flash Tattoos: Fun party favors for you and your festival babes to create the perfect arm party – cover yourself in bling and drip in gold.

Blanket/scarf: Acacia Pareo… To protect clothes from grass stains and dirt, also makes a cute scarf since it is held in the desert… Beware of  the occasional dust storms!

Sun protection: Don’t forget to pack a good hat (one of our Brixton hats, perhaps?), stylish sunnies (peep our WildFox heart-shaped sunglasses), sunscreen and chapstick (preferably tinted).

Electronic Necessities: Water-proof phone case/portable phone charger or case (we know you want to give your Insta followers MAJOR FOMO – Fear of Missing Out) and don’t forget your camera to capture every moment!

Strictly Hygiene: Mouthwash and gum (keep it fresh), baby wipes, hand sanitizer, travel-size deodorant and travel-size perfume or body splash… OH, water is really important too – for hygienic and hydration purposes!


 **Be sure to bring your dancing shoes & don’t forget to wear that smile**

Now, for the main reason we’re all getting together in the middle of desert – the music! Sooooo many ridiculously amazing and talented artists are performing this festival season, so we did our best to round up a few artists we have on our “must-see” list. Here’s who we have so far on our schedule:


 AC/DC: I mean, come on… They’re a classic.

 Lykke Li: This Swedish sweetheart is known to hypnotize the crowd with her extremely unique voice. If you’re a true fan and have never seen her live, we highly recommend you to not miss out.

 Caribou: This Canadian composer, musician and recording artist is as talented as it gets! There is something to like from each one of his songs, whether it be the beat, the lyrics, or both! Caribou’s live performances are absolutely out of this world and his enchanting voice has a special place in our hearts.

 SBTRKT: If there is one artist who we HIGHLY recommend you watch, it is SBTRKT. Utilizing electronic and acoustic drums, SBTRKT’s live shows leave us with goose bumps all over. Unlike other artists, SBTRKT focuses on the concept of anonymity, not talking about himself as a person, but letting his music speak for itself. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS HIM!

Chet Faker: His amazing voice and heartfelt lyrics make it impossible for his fans not to swoon. Just listen to his voice for 30 seconds and you’ll see what we’re talking about. You can thank us later…

Flosstradamus: If you like getting down to a sick beat and love rap, this trap duo is for you. Any rap lover would be crazy to miss this performance. Get your twerk on with the entire crowd- We know you want to!

 Drake: No convincing here. We all know Drake is on your must-see list.

 Kaskade: There are few EDM DJs who you never get sick of and Kaskade is definitely one of ours. Grab your gals, your neon headbands and your dancing shoes and get yourself Kaskade’s set before all of the electro junkies get the best seats!

 Kygo: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – We’re in love with Kygo!!! After watching him perform at the Red Bull Guest House this past weekend, we are anticipating what he’ll bring to the stage. This Norwegian DJ gives off the most amazing vibes with his tropical sound. Without a doubt, you’d definitely find yourself groovin’ along with the entire crowd at his set – He does NOT disappoint.

 Odesza: Formed in 2012, this underground Seattle-based music duo has upped the ante on what it means to truly be considered an electronic DJ. Instrumentally talented, this duo integrates piano and guitar into their songs and delivers a melody that puts everyone in a good mood. You won’t regret swinging by their set!

 If there is ever a time to let your inner free spirit shine, it’s NOW… There are so many reasons to stock up this festival season. Shop our Festival Boutique to check out our selection on what we think is desert-worthy.