When it comes to swimwear, prints are essential. Anyone can have a plain ol’ solid colored bikini (we still love those, too!) but a fun print is what makes your bikini unique and let’s your personality shine. Prints are forever changing with the fashion seasons..here is what prints are trending in the swim world at the moment. Get em’ while they’re hot!

Palm Tree Prints

Mara Hoffman // Elle Jay // Mikoh // Mikoh // Stone Fox Swim

We’re crazy for palm trees. Tropical & beachy, the fashion world has hopped on the palm print train and we’re loving it. Totally aligned with our lifestyles & super pretty in so many variations.


Tie Dye Prints

Frankie’s Bikinis // Blue Life // Tori Praver Swimwear // Blue Life

A forever classic that comes and goes, tie dye prints are all the rage right now. We can’t get enough.


 Animal Prints

Indah // Acacia Swimwear // Indah //Acacia Swimwear // Indah

Snake print is the new leopard print. Leopard is still in, don’t worry, but snake is taking the lead. Check out the tons of snake prints we carry at ishine365.


  Floral Prints

Stone Fox Swim // Frankie’s Bikinis // Beach Riot x Stone Cold Fox // Indah // Mikoh // San Lorenzo

I mean duh, will floral ever not be the best? The prints just get better and better.


️ Just Fun Prints ️

Acacia Swimwear // Stone Fox Swim // Frankie’s Bikinis // Wildfox // Stone Fox Swim // Lolli Swim

Our favorite kind of prints, the fun ones! From kisses & lips to girly banana prints..these have the most personality. These are only for the bold.