Samudra pouches, everyone’s favorite beach essential. 

An 100% cotton canvas bag with a metal zipper close and neon trim bordering the tropical print on the pouch.

Samudra is sure to keep your clothes, kini’s, and goodies dry; a must-have beach accessory that’ll make everyone jealous enough to want to snag it from your hands.

 The best feature about this accesory is the fact that you can literally throw in any of your on-the-go items, whether it be your cell phone, sunnies, bikinis, flip flops, headphones, tanning lotion, camera, or wallet- you name it! Samudra pouches are perfect for just about anything- you can use it as a clutch, bikini bag, essentials bag, make-up bag, or even a travel bag.

Pair your Samudra with any minimalist/muted outfit. At an affordable price and with a variety of graphic prints to choose from like tropical flowers, electric backgrounds, a north shore sunset and an overlay of coco palms, you can’t really go wrong.

Whats your Samudra style? Which prints stand out to you the most? 

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Treat yourself to the all-in-one must-have pouch for all things beach, sun, and fun!

All graphic everything is in, so don’t find yourself left out!