Sweeping through music festivals, beach shores, and well everywhere, this temporary tattoo, has become a hype for all things festive and is no longer restricted to those under 12! It’s the perfect accessory for ANY outfit or occasion. The Flash Tattoo epidemic has been taking over the ISHINE365 headquarters; and we’re digging it! Sold in packs containing sheets and sheets of henna inspired, tribal infused, and tropical madness, a single pack provides you with endless (and we mean endless) possibilities to drip yourself in FLASH. Whether you are accessorizing an outfit or just decorating your body, nothing is sexier than the hint of silver or gold peaking out of your Pitusa maxi. They are available in every single shape and size imaginable. Check out our take on how to accessorize Flash Tatts with some of our hottest merch; AND a few celeb hotties who have rocked them!