Our adorbs office Assistant, Ivanna, took a little mini vacay to the beautiful, Costa Rica ☀️


What part of Costa did you visit?

I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful city of Manuel Antonio, a small oceanside village along Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast. The atmosphere is so full of life, not to mention, their slogan PURA VIDA is now my new way of living.
Tell us what fun activities you did there?
It’s safe to say there was never a dull moment on my trip.. The first day, we kicked it into high gear and went ATV riding and stopped at the “Rainmaker” (a privately owned rainforest), jumped and swam into a few waterfalls and came back to the Resort to take up some surfing lessons. The second day consisted of a full on beach bumming day, laying out with a drink in hand, taking on the Costa Rican rays; plus, a ton of photo ops and a yoga and massage by the beach when the sun set. The third day was probably the most fun I had all trip; I went white water rafting for the first time – during the middle of the ride, when the river was calmer, we were all able to go cliff jumping!.. Probably the scariest of activities for me was on the fourth day when I went zip-lining; I’m absolutely terrified of really huge heights but I definitely conquered my fear, considering I rode on the world’s third largest zip-line. The last day of fun ended with a bang as we went ATV’ing a second time, but this time to a nice little ranch where we rode off into the rainforest on some of the most majestic horses I had ever seen (mine had on the cutest boho head-piece). Later that day, we headed back to the resort where we had an in-home private chef prepare us a huge spread of Costa Rican foods as well as in-home mani-pedis. BEST TRIP EVER.
 What’s the food like?
Some of the most amazing food I have ever consumed in my life. The fruits are so fresh and they cook every meal there with so much love and just the right amount of flavor. I die for their Platanos Maduros.
Where did you stay? What was the hotel like!
I stayed at Buena Vista’s Tulemar Resort. We had a 3-story villa with a breathtaking view to match.
 Did you go out to any bars at night?
Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to go out to any bars BUT since I am a big foodie I ate at a few delicious restaurants; Cantina, Gabriella’s & Café Milagro, to name a few.
 Any suggestions for people looking to go to Costa Rica?
Be fearless and open to new and fun activities/opportunities; there’s so much to explore. Live the Pura Vida life!
 We hear Costa is filled with adorable animals? Did you see any!
I’M SLOTH AND MONKEY OBSESSED… I had a monkey climb into the jacuzzi on our balcony and I got to see a ton of lazy little sloths hang from the trees above the Villa. It was the coolest thing to see them in their natural habitats.