As Miami-ans, we’re oh-so-over the crowded, touristy spots and find ourselves searching the ends of the globe for cool, feel-good getaways and lusting over drool worthy beach images. Let’s be real though, jet setting to a remote island can get expensive and may need some (a lot) of planning.

This week, research taught us of a couple of hidden gems right at home in sunny Florida and that you don’t have to go too far to wanderlust:

Gasparilla Island

Said to be named after pirate, Jose Gaspar, Gasparilla Island carries a ton of history and beautiful sights, including white sandy beaches, clear water and the Boca Grande lighthouse, built circa-1890.

Located on the Cape Haze peninsula on the West coast of Florida, the island can only be accessed by crossing a series of private bridges but the getaway seems worth the while, no?

Caladesi State Park


Three miles of undeveloped beach? Sounds like heaven. Getting here requires a lengthy, but totally worth it, ferry ride from Honeymoon Island. What do we love most? Less people, more wildlife.

Activities include beaching, swimming, hiking trails and kayaking through the mangroves.

Bahia Honda State Park

At the southernmost part of our beautiful sunshine state, this breathtaking state park offers crystal clear ocean water, kayaking, camping and is said to be a snorkeler’s paradise.

Cayo Costa

Only accessible by ferry – we told ya they’d be secluded – Cayo Costa is a beach haven that homes raw nature and no connections to the real world. That may be an exaggeration, but really, don’t expect Wifi.

Beachgoers can choose a daytrip, or an overnight stay with the reservation of a cabin or campsite. Word on the streets says staying overnight reaps all the benefits – a beautiful sunset and stars, stars, stars. If this sounds like everything you’ve ever wanted, make sure you pack snacks and everything you need. Seriously, no shops or restaurants here.