A new year means new travel destinations, and who doesn’t love that? if your new years resolution was to travel more or you just love to travel, here are 5 places to hit up.


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with the restrictions on travel to Cuba loosening – it’s historic architecture, and vibrant artwork Cuba is sure to be a major tourist attraction.

We suggest visiting Havana; it is Cuba’s capitol city and features museums and historical landmarks. For a more touristy vibe we recommend going to Varadero, it is Cuba’s beach town where you can enjoy the sun and sand while staying in a resort.


we don’t have to tell you how beautiful the cities here are. In Morocco you’ll find mountains, historic cities, and deserts that will make your trip worthwhile.

We think a major tourist destination for this year will be the city or Marrakech because a museums show casing works from iconic designer will debut in fall 2017. For an IG worthy city we suggest visiting Chefchaouen located in the Rif mountains, it is a city filled with blue buildings. If you decided to check out the deserts of Morocco, riding a camel while your exploring is a must.


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Madagascar is an island of the coast of Africa; it is the perfect way to getaway. With it’s jungles, beaches, and exotic animals you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. Plus you’re watching the movie you can say you’ve actually been  

we definitely suggest just laying out, explore the jungles, and snorkel while you’re visiting.

4.Great barrier reef, Australia

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we say to visit the great barrier reef specifically because recently a lot of factors have caused extensive coral bleaching to the reef. As most of us know the reef is the worlds largest breathing organism and has been and probably will always be a popular tourist attraction for snorkeling.


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There are many reasons why you should travel to Chile in the New Year, there is Easter island, the colorful houses in the cliff tops, and the chance to see epic stars due to their clear skies.

We recommend visiting the Atacama Desert when going to Chile for the chance to horse back ride through the dunes, and to even take a hot hair balloon ride for that breath taking view.