Co-Founder of Ishine365, Katrina Silva, recently went on a Moroccan excursion on a whim to celebrate her 30th birthday! Check out her incredible photos from her desert journey and learn more about her trip below.

So what made you choose Morocco as your Birthday celebration destination?

Morocco has always been on my bucket list and I wanted to go somewhere really different for my 30th birthday so I thought it was the perfect time!

How did you celebrate your actual birthday there?

On my actual birthday, my boo had booked us a spa day at the Royal Mansour, which is an absolutely stunning hotel with an incredible spa. The hammam treatment was delicious. It was a very relaxing day and since we had just gotten back from the desert it was perfect.

We hear Moroccan food is the best! Tell us your favorite places to eat and favorite dishes.

The tagines were SO delish. I loved the veggie ones and also loved the traditional Moroccan salad and the Moroccan teas. Zwin Zwin is a little hidden gem amidst all the craziness of the Medina with healthy light eats and the cutest rooftop terrace. It was the perfect spot for lunch. The restaurant at El Fenn was also delish and great for lunch or for dinner.

Where did you stay? What was your hotel like?

I stayed at El Fenn. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone. It’s in the perfect location right in the Medina, but close enough to the street to catch a taxi elsewhere in the city. It’s also decorated beautifully with so many hidden courtyards walkways and stairways covered with beautiful trees, Moroccan decor and lanterns. The ultimate chill spot and home away from home.

Did you go out to any bars or nightclubs?

I made it out one night to Le Comptoir for dinner and a belly dance show, which was very impressive, but also very loud. It was an experience.

What was the weather like?

It was a chilly at night and hot during the day so I think early November was the perfect time to go.

What fun activities did you do?

We went on the long trek to the Sahara Desert which was TOTALLY worth it. I booked it through Erg Chigaga Luxury Camps and they made it such an amazing experience. They pick you up in Marrakesh and take you through the Atlas Mountains all the way to the middle of the Sahara. They have a camp set up with 10 tents in the middle of the large sand dunes. We went for camel rides at sunset and sunrise, did some sand boarding, and made some new friends. Overall amazing experience and a must do in Morocco. Also, took a day trip to the coast Essaoiera which was beautiful as well. Along the way we got to see all the goats in the trees eating the Aragon nuts. Being that I’m a big animal lover, this was one of my favorite moments of the trip.

Any tips or suggestions on fun things to do there?

The desert tour is a must!! And shopping in the Medina in Marrakesh is also a fun experience. Carpet shopping was another one of my favorite moments.