Our amazing Graphic Designer, Natalia, had a recent getaway to Peru for a magical wedding weekend. Check out her incredible photos from her trip and learn about her experience there and make sure to take notes for your next vacay to South America.

What parts of Peru did you visit?

I went to Lima (the capital), Paracas, and Huacachina.


What fun things did you do while you were there?

I went to Peru originally to go to my friend’s wedding (which was beautiful!) so we decided to take advantage and explore a bit. In Paracacas we went to Las Islas Ballestas and saw all kinds of sea lions and beautiful birds. We also saw this cool famous candelabra shaped image in the neighboring mountain that apparently no one has an explanation as to how it got there! #aliens.
Then in Huacachina we went to the Dunas, which is basically a huge desert in the middle of the country, and went on a crazy sand buggy ride until the sun set. It was beautiful!!


We love Peruvian food! Tell us about some yummy restaurants you went to. 
We went to a BUNCH of really good restaurants. Peruvians really do have serious skills when it comes to food (any kind of cuisine, not just Peruvian).
The first one was called Amaz – – which was a mix of Peruvian cuisine and Amazonian cuisine.
Mercado – – Peruvian cuisine and a modern twist (and very good, very strong drinks)
Nos – – Latin American cuisine and again, lots of Pisco.
But I’d have to say the best restaurant was on our way to Las Dunas… at a gas station… I was very very skeptical to eat seafood at a gas station. But when we arrived there was a beautiful restaurant inside, and probably the best scallops I’ve ever had!


What was the weather like?
It was great! Warm and sunny in the day time and light jacket weather at night.


Any tips or suggestions for ishiners looking to travel to Peru?
EAT! Eat as often as you can, wherever you can. This is no time tor dieting.


Would you go back? If so, what would you do?:

I wish I would have had time to go to Machu Pichu. I have heard from everyone that has been that its insane. But also, in neighboring Bolivia there is a desert called Salar de Uyuni (salt so compact on the floor that it looks like its mirroring the sky!). It’s so close by that it’s worth going to!