Our Shipping Babe, Joanne, recently got engaged to an adorable South African boy! We’re SO happy for her and oh so jealous; She gets to travel to South Africa on the reg (she’s even having her wedding there!) From national parks, incredible wildlife, and world renowned wineries, South Africa is one of the top places on our bucket list. We’re happy to get a little inside peek of what it’s like to visit!

Where in South Africa did you travel to?

 I’ve been to Cape town, Nambiti Game Reserve, Dragon Peaks in Drakensberg. Probably a few others that I’m forgetting.

Tell us more about your Fiancé’s family farm!
My fiance grew up in Durban, but his parents own a bed and breakfast/pecan farm about two hours away from there, so I’ve spent most of my time there. It’s called Ivala Lodge and it is a magical place. They have a mini safari lodge with three giraffes, zebras, impala, nyala and two dassies that his mom rescued as babies. Along with two dogs and 4 cats. They have over 100 pecan trees, which is great for me because I get to use the nuts to bake yummy treats! There is an old winery there that belonged to my fiance’s mom’s family. It’s no longer in operation, but they used to make orange wine (its more of a liqueur) there. My fiance and I are getting married there this October!

What was your favorite part about the trip?
Playing with the cheetahs in Nambiti!

What is the food like in SA?
South Africans eat a lot of grilled meat, or what they call a braai’d meat. There is a big Indian influence in South Africa (especially in Durban), so it is very easy to find delicious curries. You can find fresh seafood in Capetown.

Where are the best beaches?

Camps Bay (Capetown), Jeffries Bay, Coffee Bay, Boulders Beach with all the penguins.


Anything fun to do at night? 

Night game drives, night cage diving, pubs or bars, or just gathering around with friends for a bonfire/braai (BBQ) for delicious food and drinks.


Are the wineries as beautiful as we hear?

Yes! If I didn’t already have a wedding venue, I would have loved to get married at one of the vineyards in Stellenbosch or Franschhoek.


Give us any tips or advice on what to do when we (hopefully) go to SA!

Get in touch with a good tour operator or if you’re lucky enough to know a native, that is the best way to see SA! The Garden route from Port Elizabeth to Cape town is a beautiful 2 day drive to Capetown. and Kruger National Park is a must do!

We’re dyin over this fuzzy guy!