Australia, known for it’s extreme wildlife, hunky surfer boys, and of course being a continent AND a massive island, is especially known for its beautiful beaches. With Australia’s summer creeping up in December, we wanted to make a beach road trip guide to give you some inspiration to drop all of your responsibilities and finally go on that dream vacay to the land down under.




 Crystal clear waters, soft sand, and palm trees everywhere for a shaded tropical & tranquil beach experience. Cairns beach is located in Queensland in the North Eastern part of Australia. A relaxing and beautiful way to start off your beach vacation.




With a beach located in the middle of the bustling city of Brisbane, the aerial views of this area are incredible and unique. A man-made swimming beach is located in the center of South Bank, the beach area comprises a lagoon with enough water to fill five Olympic swimming pools. A fun little spot to pass by on your adventures.




A beachside town in New South Wales with the bluest waters and cleanest beaches. There are also a few famous surf locations in the area, the perfect spots to watch and meet some handsome aussies.

(Photography: Carly Brown)



Newcastle is Australia’s oldest sea port, extremely beautiful beaches that are filled with history. Newcastle is a great place for surfers and even wine buffs (tons of wineries in the western parts if you want to go have some fun wine times).





Situated along the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Manly Beach is one of Australia’s most famous surfing beaches – the first world surfing championship was held here in 1964 and the Australian Open of Surfing is held here each February. *A GREAT SCENIC BEACH FOR VIEWING HOTTIES*



One of the most popular travel destinations in Australia, Bondi Beach is known for its beautiful beach but also its surrounding lively areas with restaurants, cafes, and the promenade filled with rollerbladers, cyclists and beach strollers. Located just beside the beach is also the Bondi Baths, an Olympic-size pool that is open to the public.




Located south of Sydney is Brighton Beach in Melbourne. Dendy Street Beach features 82 colorful bathing boxes, which are one of the tourist icons of Melbourne. A great little place for a quiet and relaxing experience after leaving the crowded Bondi Beach.



Cottesloe beach, located in the city of Perth, is breathtakingly beautiful, crisp white sand, and clear turquoise water. Always filled with sunbathers and beach strollers, Cottesloe is a popular beach destination for both tourists and locals with tons of exciting festivals and events.




The last stop on the road trip, Trigg Beach located in Perth is a massive surf spot. The perfect way to end your journey, boys, beaches, and breathtaking views.



(Images from Pinterest and Tumblr)