One of our ISHINE babes, Ivanna Hernandez, gives us a little glimpse into the heart of Florence. She tells us all we need to know about Florence, from what to wear to the best night-life spots. 


ISHINE365: When did you go and what were you wearing?

Ivanna: I went early July for a Summer getaway. During my stay, I wore a lot of loose/crochet tops and paired it with either jeans or shorts, while accessorzing it with a scarf and hat or a jean jacket for moments that it became chilly outside. The main thing you should always make sure of in Florence is to constantly wear flat shoes. Heels are a big no-no, especially since the whole cites’ pavement is made out of Cobblestone. 


ISHINE365: What was the best meal you had during your stay?

Ivanna: For our final meal in the city, we had a lovely dinner at L’Osteria di Giovanni and it did not disappoint. The service was impeccable along with the food. Our waitress made small talk with us often and was very hospitable. Out of all the mouth-watering options on the menu I had to start with a Caprese salad, followed by an entree of their famous Gnocchi Pomodoro, ending with a sweet and creamy Cafe Latte. 


ISHINE365: What was your favorite part of your stay?

Ivanna: The hi-light of my trip to Florence was the orchestra made up of boys and girls/men and women of all ages who played Oldies music in the middle of La Piazza de la Signiora. Tunes by ABBA, Michael Jackson and the Beatles were carried throughout the city, bringing together locals and tourists to a sing-a-long. Don’t let their accents fool you… They know their music. This was an unforgettable night. 








Click on the link below to watch a clip of the amazing Orchestra: