An interview with ISHINE365 babe and travel enthusiast Ivanna Hernandez reveals everything you need to know about traveling throughout the city of Paris. 

ISHINE365: What is the best place to stay in Paris and why?

Ivanna: If you want a full-on Parisian experience throughout your stay, I would honestly reccommend renting an apartment through Airbnb. I stayed in Montmartre and everything was so beautiful from the people to the area… Not to mention, the architecture. The best area to stay at if you’re an artsy fartsy type of person, would be St. Germain or Marais. If you’re into the more historic section of Paris then Montmartre would be perfect for you.

ISHINE365: What is your favorite restaurant and what is the best thing on the menu?

Ivanna: Although, there were many delectable restaurants to wine and dine at, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe that Le Pub Saint-Germain gave off. It’s a really young and trendy yet intimate find, which has made it a neighborhood hotspot. The best thing on the menu is their Chicken Breast with Mushroom Risotto… It’s simply delicious. If you’re looking for a restaurant to enjoy people, music, great food and drinks all in one, this is it.

ISHINE365: What is the most beautiful scenic view or the best place to play tourist in?

The Louvre is a good spot to explore the world’s most historic artifacts, paintings, and sculptures. It’s also where you can find the infamous Mona Lisa painting! 

ISHINE365: What are some activities that you must do while in Paris?

BASTILLE DAY: Paris’ very own French National Day on July 14th. The best way to celebrate is by grabbing a blanket, bottles of champagne and some healthy snacks and sandwiches. Lounging with loved ones or friends while watching fireworks illuminate the Eiffel Tower is absolutely unforgettable.

LA GRANDE ROUE: The Big Wheel is an amazing tourist attraction at  Le Place de la Concorde that offers a mind-blowing view of the Eiffel Tower and the city of Paris. Occasionally, they will incorporate a fair surrounding it with all of your favorite Carni-foods and sweets.

LOVE LOCK BRIDGE: If you’re a hopeless romantic, the bridge would be cute place to visit with a special someone to keep your love locked down.

ISHINE365: What is the best place to grab a drink with friends?

Le Motel is a great place to unwind with friends and enjoy each others company. It’s a cozy little indie style bar which also acts as a music venue for DJs and live bands to perform at most nights of the week. So you most definitely won’t be bored. The look of the place is very vintage and they always have beer flowing.