This week’s Wanderlust Wednesday features ISHINE365’s Personal Shopper, Casey Murphy and her recent vacay to Sedona, Arizona. This wasn’t just any vacation, it was her BabyMoon! Almost 8 months pregnant, Casey and her hubby Frantz took a quick trip to a beautiful and peaceful location to give themselves one last bit of relaxation before the big day. We sat down with Casey to find out all about her trip to the desert.


So why did you choose Sedona, AZ as your ‘Babymoon’ destination?

Arizona is known for its spas and I wanted somewhere that was relaxing but also conducive to a pregnant person. Sedona is very spiritual/holistic and filled with lots of positive energy as well as beautiful scenery so it was a perfect fit.  


Tell us all about your experience in Antelope Canyon- the pictures look unreal!

It was majestic to say the least. I feel like the pictures don’t even do it justice! Unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. One second you’re walking through a hot desert then you climb down several sets of stairs and it cools off as you are walking through a narrow canyon with all sort of colors depending how the light hits it.  It is located on Navajo Indian Reserve so we had a true Native American tour guide who was extremely sweet and knowledgeable.

What were some yummy restaurants you went to?

In Sedona: (i) Tii Gavo is a great spot for lunch because the food is delicious and the view even better (ii) Mariposa– Latin flare also with amazing views (iii) Dahl and Di Luca-adorable Italian restaurant with great food (iv) Salt Rock at the Amara Hotel-great place to try the drinks (although I couldn’t partake) and (v) Cowboy Club if looking for a classic steakhouse (perk is the old-school saloon vibe).


Where did you stay?

I stayed at L’auberge Spa and Resort. The spa was great, it had a salt water pool and was located centrally in “Uptown Sedona” where most of the shopping and restaurants are located. Although, if I went back I would probably stay at the Enchantment Resort and highly recommend it there as well (a few miles outside of Uptown Sedona but set in the middle of the Red Rocks).

What were some other fun things to do there?
There are so many hikes and trails, each leading to different yet equally spectacular views of the “Red Rocks” or you can opt to do a hot air balloon or helicopter tour if you’re not a hiker. Definitely need to take some time to indulge in the spas. There is wonderful star gazing options at night (can see the Milky Way with your bare eyes).


Was the weather as hot as we imagine?
The daytime was hot but not unbearable…Being from Miami, I found the dry heat of the desert a nice change because you don’t really sweat the way you do in South Florida where it is not only hot but extremely humid. The evenings were cool and nice. Obviously, if coming from a colder climate you would still find Arizona to be very hot, it is a desert after all!
Any other suggestions or tips?
Avoid going during any summer months. Check out the Chapel of Holy Cross (bonus: it’s free). Rent ATV for the day if you’re adventurous. Also, Sedona is known as a spiritual powerhouse famous for it’s 4 energy vortexes so check them out and meet with a Shaman or Psychic if you believe in that type of stuff this is the place to do it!