Ways to Excel this Bikini Season

It's no secret that bikini season may be scary. You've probably spent a lot of time pondering which magical year will be the one in which you get more self-assurance. We're sorry to break it to you, but there is no magic potion! Moment that can make you feel better about your body overnight — will take effort. No worries, your ISHINE365 pals are here to assist you!

Floral bikini set in yellow

Floral bikini set in yellow


The months leading up to bikini season, as well as the moment you put on a bikini, both tend to focus on all of the things you believe are wrong with your body or the way you appear. You're more prone to concentrate on the problems you have, such as a lack of six-pack abs, a thigh gap, and other body flaws.

 It's no secret that social media is more of a highlight reel than a true record of events, and photoshopping is commonplace across all platforms. It's not only unfair to compare your body to these photographs; it's also harmful.

Diets that are unhealthy should be avoided.

Quick solutions, fad diets, and miracle medications or supplements are not only ineffective, but they can also be damaging to your self-esteem. 

According to nutritionists and fitness experts, these diets aren't sustainable and often lead to more discouragement and disordered interactions with food and activity. Because no meaningful change will happen overnight, it's critical to develop healthy living habits that align with your goals and avoid fad diets.

Kate Red Set

Kate Red Set

Detoxification & Cleanses

What do you think is the most amazing thing about your body? It has the ability to cleanse and detoxify itself! Imagine not having to spend a fortune to "clean" your insides because your liver already does it for you. 

These systems often make bold claims about weight loss and wellness, but they are rarely effective and can even hurt your body. Some of these detoxes and cleanses are likely to make you feel queasy angry and make you race to the bathroom, and they are unlikely to help you lose weight.

Honey Rose Set and Matthea Skirt

Honey Rose Set and Matthea Skirt


There is no way about it: if you want to look and feel fantastic, you must get adequate sleep. Working out and eating healthy is vital for your health, but getting enough sleep is rarely given the same emphasis. Sleep deprivation has several negative consequences, including a loss of attention and focus, a desire for sugary or junk food, and irritability and moodiness throughout the day. Nobody enjoys spending time at the beach with a cranky pal.

Love for oneself

Unless you actually like it and it makes you feel good, don't fall into the trap of buying what's hot or what some random influencer urges you to buy. Wearing items that make you feel gorgeous and confident is the best way to survive this bikini season. Nothing is more powerful than proudly displaying your individuality.

Allison One Piece in Marine Blue

Allison One Piece in Marine Blue

Look after yourself.

To achieve a certain physique before bikini season, you don't have to devote all of your time and efforts to diet and exercise. There are numerous ways to be kind to yourself while also making yourself look amazing! Use a new body scrub, get a mani-pedi, or head to the salon for a new haircut and color. 

Spending some time on luxury beauty rituals and treating yourself not only makes you look great but it also makes you feel great. Spending time pampering yourself improves your attitude and gives you more self-assurance!

Santorini Bikini Top in Black

Santorini Bikini Top in Black

Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Why are you so eager to tell yourself that you look bad in your bikini? You would never say to a friend that she looks terrible in her bikini, so why are you so willing to tell yourself that? We're all guilty of criticizing ourselves and being cruel to our bodies, yet this mentality is extremely poisonous and leads to many negative emotions.

 It's difficult to get started, so start small and work your way up. It's perfectly acceptable to love and celebrate oneself as much as you love and honor others!

Don't allow people to bully you.

We can't believe it's still a problem in 2022, but it's important to remember that no one has the right to make comments about your body in any way, shape, or form. You must let someone know if you find yourself spending time with someone who makes you feel self-conscious or horrible about yourself. Allow them an opportunity to modify their ways, but if they do not, it is time to evict them.

Manantial Zebra Top

Manantial Zebra Top

Do what you want to do.

People seem to like advising others how they should and should not dress or present themselves. The best part is that you are under no obligation to listen — ever! Do what makes you happy and leave the rest to the people who can't manage to keep their thoughts to themselves. Remember that opinions aren't facts, and you're not required to believe anything other people say.

Gene Set in Floral

Gene Set in Floral

Final Words

What's the best method to make the most of the bikini season? HAVE A GOOD TIME! Enjoy your time at the beach with your family and friends, and don't be afraid to express your self-confidence and appreciation for your body. Why struggle through bikini season when you could be thriving?

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With love, the Ishine team.  

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