College student finishing up a biology degree at the University of Hawaii at Manoa on O’ahu. Proud mum to two very disobedient, blue-eyed rescue Catahoula hound girls. Animal adoption/rescue advocate. Co-founder at KEIKO Conservation an international marine conservation group based and founded on O’ahu island. Loveeeee dogs, breakfast, amateur free diving, sharks, a good mojito and aimless traveling.

Q & A

Favorite brand? One teaspoon (I live in bandits)

Hobbies? Adopting dogs & taking names. Swimming with sharks on the North Shore with my favorite conservationists at @oneoceandiving. Booking tickets & jumping on planes.

How long have you been an ambassador? I have had an ambassador code since before the program was established. I’m thinking since 2013, maybe?

Give us a fun fact about you: I’m slightly obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. The books. The movies. The TV series. Call me Sherlock Schaar.

Where ya from? Originally from the CA South Bay Area. San Pedro, CA.

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